How Do You Know When the Time Is Right to Sell Gold and Silver?

If you own gold or silver jewellery, coins, or heirlooms, there’s always the question of whether you should keep it or sell it. Precious metals have a ready marketplace, and you can just about always find a buyer at the right price point. That said, these objects may have sentimental value, or you’re waiting for the right time to get the best possible price you can.

Finding the right time to sell gold and silver depends on both your personal finances and trends in precious metal markets. These are some of the signs that the time is right to sell.

#1 You Have Debt to Pay

When you have debt, it not only weighs on you mentally, but it also impacts your everyday finances.Keeping up with debt payments eats into your monthly budget, and much of those payments go to interest before paying off any principal.

As a general rule, financial advisors say you should not sell investments to pay off debt, but there is one clear exception, and that’s when the asset generates lower returns than the interest rate on the debt.

Think of gold and silver, whether it’s in the form of coins, bars, jewellery, or heirlooms, as an investment. They can appreciate in value depending on precious metals markets. However, unlike certificate deposits, bonds, or even stocks, they don’t provide any income. That makes gold and silver good candidates to sell if you’re looking for quick cash to pay off debt.

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#2 You Have a Clear Savings Goal

Another good reason to sell precious metals is that you have a clear goal for the money. Some extra spending cash is always a nice-to-have, but knowing exactly what you would do with the proceeds from selling precious metals can help you make that step.

Some great savings goals include things like:

  • Starting an emergency savings fund.
  • Starting a retirement investment fund.
  • Putting money away for your children’s education fund.
  • Going on a family vacation.
  • Saving for a down payment on a house.

The point is that you know what you want to do with the funds once you have them.

If you have a clear objective for selling gold and silver, check out prices offered by precious metals buyers like Muzeum. They post going rates online, making it easy to get an estimate.

#3 Gold and Silver Prices Are High

Finally, you want to pay attention to the markets. There are many factors that go into gold and silver prices, including investor sentiment, recession fears, inflation, and a low U.S. dollar.

Investors like precious metals because they offer more stability than stocks. While investors don’t buy jewellery or heirlooms, precious metals buyers have those items melted down and recycled, so the market has a major impact on the prices they’re willing to pay.

You may be reluctant to part with gold and silver jewellery or heirlooms. If the items still mean something to you and you use or wear them regularly, consider holding onto them and selling them later. Unless the benefits of selling it outweigh the cons, it’s fine to hold onto it. Gold and silver enjoy enduring value and have for millennia. There will always be another opportunity to sell them down the road if you feel differently about them in the future.


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