847 Area Code: History, Coverage & NXX Analysis [Detail Guide]

Are you trying to understand more about the 847 area code, its history, usage, and recent updates? This unique area code serves a large part of northeastern Illinois, encompassing key cities like Elgin and Arlington Heights.

Our detailed guide will delve into everything from its geographic coverage ZIP codes to carrier information and how to perform a reverse phone lookup. So get ready for an informative journey through the different facets of this prominent Midwest area code!

Content Highlights

  • The 847 area code covers northeastern Illinois, including Elgin and Arlington Heights.
  • The 847 area code was introduced in 1996 as an overlay to the 708 area code.
  • The area code serves multiple ZIP codes and has various carrier providers.
  • A new area code, 861, will be introduced for central and western Illinois residents.

Overview of the 847 Area Code

847 Area Code

The 847 area code is located in northeastern Illinois and covers cities such as Elgin, Waukegan, Arlington Heights, Evanston, and Schaumburg.

Here are some important facts about area code 847:

  • It is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for northeastern Illinois.
  • It was created on January 20, 1996, from a three-way split of area code 708.
  • The area code covers Chicago’s northern and northwestern suburbs, including Arlington Heights, Elgin, Evanston, Glenview, Hoffman Estates, Mount Prospect, Schaumburg, and Skokie.
  • It also covers parts of Cook, Lake, Kane, and McHenry counties.
  • The area covered by area code 847 is approximately 3.5 million people.
  • The time zone for area code 847 is Central Time (UTC-06:00).

Location and service area

The 847 area code spans Northeastern Illinois. It mostly covers the Northern suburbs of Chicago. Waukegan, Arlington Heights, Evanston, and Schaumburg fall within its range.

Kane County is also part of this area, with Elgin being the biggest city. People living or working in these areas often have phone numbers that start with 847.

Cities covered by the 847 area code

The 847 area code covers a wide range of cities. Let’s explore these places.

  1. Elgin: A city rich in history and culture, it lies within Cook and Kane counties.
  2. Waukegan: Known for its scenic lakefront, this city is part of Lake County.
  3. Arlington Heights: It is an affluent village within Cook County.
  4. Evanston is home to Northwestern University, which rests on the Cook County border.
  5. Schaumburg: This is a bustling city in both Cook and DuPage counties.

Time zone

The 847 area code is in a place with the Central GMT -6:00 time zone. This means it follows the same time as places like Chicago and Houston. Right now, the local time in this area code is 11:13 AM.

History and Background

847 Area Code

The 847 area code was introduced in 1996 as an overlay to the existing 708 area code, and it covers a significant portion of northeastern Illinois.

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Introduction of the 847 area code

The 847 area code was introduced in January 1996 to provide additional phone numbers for the same geographic area. Before the introduction, there was a nearly yearlong battle between different suburbs.

This new area code brought relief by allowing more people to have phone numbers without changing their location. It also meant that all calls within the 847 area code now require 11-digit dialing instead of just seven digits.

Additionally, an overlay, another way of adding a new area code, was implemented (224) to serve the same region as 847.

Changes and overlays

The 847 area code in the Chicago area has gone through changes and overlays in the past. An overlay happens when a new area code is added to an existing one, but customers don’t need to change their phone numbers or area codes.

In the case of the 847 area code, it was overlaid with the 224 area code, which serves the same location. This means that 847 and 224 are used for calls in this area. It’s important to note that this overlay doesn’t affect how you make or receive calls, so there’s no need to worry about disruptions or confusion.

ZIP Codes and NXX Analysis

The 847 area code serves multiple ZIP codes, and a detailed NXX analysis provides valuable information about phone numbers within this area code.

ZIP codes served by the 847 area code

The 847 area code serves many ZIP codes in northeastern Illinois. Here are some of the ZIP codes covered by the 847 area code:

  • Elgin: 60120, 60121, 60123, 60124
  • Waukegan: 60079, 60083, 60085, 60087
  • Arlington Heights: 60004, 60005, 60006
  • Evanston: 60201, 60202, 60203
  • Schaumburg: 60173, 60193, 60194

NXX analysis for the 847 area code

The NXX analysis for the 847 area code provides valuable insights into the distribution of phone numbers within this particular area code.

NXX Usage County City
847-764 Landline Cook Chicago
847-860 Mobile Lake Waukegan
847-001 Non-Dialable Code N/A N/A

These numbers are assigned according to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) which divides the region into smaller Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs), each identified by a three-digit area code. Over 60,000 area codes and prefixes can be looked up in the USA, providing a comprehensive overview of telecommunication networks. It’s essential to remember that some NXX prefixes, like 001 in the 847 area code, are non-dialable and reserved for special telecommunication services.

Carrier and Usage Information

The carrier assignment and usage type of the 847 area code will be discussed, along with the provider distribution.

Carrier assignment

Carriers and paging companies are responsible for the carrier assignment of the 847 area code. They must provide Wallace Datacom with a code forecast, including information about carrier identification codes (CICs) and other numbering resources.

It’s important because carriers can only get numbers in the new area code once all old area code numbers are assigned. This process has been done before in Chicago with overlays implemented in the 815 and 847 area codes.

Usage type of the 847 area code

The 847 area code is mainly used for landline services in the Chicago metropolitan area. It is associated with companies like Broadwing Communications and Ameritech Illinois. The code has been in use since at least February 27, 1999, overlaying another area code, 224.

Carriers and paging companies are required to provide a forecast of their services in the 847 area code to Wallace Datacom.

Provider distribution

Multiple providers serve the 847 area code, each offering their own unique sets of services and coverage.

Provider Name Total Numbers in Service Service Area
AT&T Approximately 200,000 Entire 847 area
Verizon Approximately 150,000 Mainly in the larger cities
T-Mobile Approximately 100,000 Majority of the 847 area
Sprint Approximately 50,000 Primarily in the outer areas

The table above illustrates the distribution of the four major service providers within the 847 area code. It’s interesting to note that the number of services each company provides varies, with AT&T serving the most.

This distribution is likely due to various factors, such as network infrastructure, competitive rates, and quality of service. It should also be noted that carriers and paging companies in the 847 area code were required to provide a code forecast to Wallace Datacom, which could have influenced the distribution.

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Reverse Phone Lookup and Number Location

Learn how to do a reverse phone lookup and find the location of a phone number in the 847 area code, providing you with valuable information about incoming calls. Read on to discover more about this useful tool!

How to do a reverse phone lookup in the 847 area code

  • Use a reverse phone lookup service or app like Phone Reveal on Google Play.
  • Enter the phone number you want to look up in the search bar.
  • Click the “Search” or “Lookup” button to start the search.
  • Wait for the results to be displayed, which may include information about the owner of the phone number.
  • Review the information provided and determine if it helps identify the caller or provide additional details about the phone number.

Finding the location of a phone number in the 847 area code

  1. Use a reverse phone lookup service to find the location of a phone number in the 847 area code.
  2. Enter the phone number into the search bar of the reverse phone lookup website or app.
  3. Wait for the results to display, including information about the city and state associated with the phone number.
  4. Verify the accuracy of the location information by cross-referencing it with other available sources.
  5. Remember that a reverse phone lookup can only provide general location information and may not pinpoint an exact address.
  6. Remember that privacy policies and data protection laws govern the use of reverse phone lookup services, so be cautious when using them.

Latest Updates and Developments

A new area code is set to be introduced for central and western Illinois residents, bringing significant changes to the 847 area code. Discover how this will impact communities and counties in the region.

New area code coming for central and western Illinois residents

Central and western Illinois residents will soon have a new area code, 861. This new area code is being introduced to ensure enough telephone numbers are available for everyone.

The Illinois Commerce Commission has announced the implementation of the new area code, which will “overlay” the existing 309 area code. This means that both area codes will serve the same geographic region.

Introducing the new area code will impact communities and counties in central and western Illinois. Still, it is necessary to meet the growing demand for phone numbers in these areas.

Impact on communities and counties

The introduction of the new area code will have an impact on several communities and counties in Southern Illinois. About 37 counties will be affected by this change, including Alton, Carbondale, East St.

Louis, Edwardsville, and Marion. Residents and businesses in these areas must adjust their phone numbers to accommodate the new area code. This change aims to ensure that there are enough available phone numbers for everyone in these growing communities.

Benefits and Uses of 847 Phone Number

Businesses can benefit from having a virtual 847 phone number, allowing them to establish a local presence in the area and reach customers more effectively. Find out why businesses choose to use an 847 phone number with OpenPhone and discover how it can help your business grow.

How businesses can benefit from a virtual 847 phone number

Businesses can benefit from a virtual 847 phone number in several ways:

  • Improved customer service: A virtual 847 phone number provides businesses with better on-call experiences and customer support.
  • Cost savings: Call charges for virtual 847 phone numbers are lower compared to traditional telephone carriers using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • Customization: Businesses can customize their communication by adding features like call forwarding, voicemail, and automated greetings to their virtual 847 phone number.
  • Flexibility: With virtual phone systems like OpenPhone, businesses can make and receive calls from smartphones, tablets, or computers, providing flexibility in how they communicate with customers.
  • Easy availability: Over 4 million unused numbers are in the 847 area code, making it easy for businesses to obtain a virtual 847 phone number.

Why do businesses choose to use an 847 phone number with OpenPhone

Businesses choose to use an 847 phone number with OpenPhone for several reasons:

  1. Build local presence: An 847 phone number creates a sense of being local to potential customers in the area. It helps businesses establish trust and credibility.
  2. Instant availability: OpenPhone offers the option to get an 847 phone number instantly. Businesses can start using it right away without any delay.
  3. Call and text capabilities: With OpenPhone, businesses can make calls and send text messages using their new 847 phone number. This provides a convenient and efficient way to communicate with customers.
  4. Legitimate service provider: It is important to acquire 847 phone numbers from a legitimate service provider like OpenPhone to avoid scams or frauds that may occur with unauthorized providers.

Nearby Area Codes

The 847 area code is surrounded by several other area codes in Illinois, including 224, 312, and 630. Learn more about these nearby area codes and their significance in the region.

Keep reading to find out!

Other area codes in Illinois

Illinois has several other area codes in addition to the 847 area code. These include:

  1. Area code 312: This area code covers the city of Chicago.
  2. Area code 708: This area code serves the suburbs of Chicago, including Oak Park and Cicero.
  3. Area code 773: This area code is also used in Chicago.
  4. Area code 630: This area code covers most of DuPage County, including Naperville and Wheaton.
  5. Area code 815: This area code serves northern Illinois, including Rockford and Joliet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered some commonly asked questions about the 847 area code. Check below if you have any queries.

1. What geographic area does the 847 area code cover?

The 847 area code covers parts of northeastern Illinois, including Arlington Heights, Evanston, and Schaumburg.

2. Can I keep my current phone number if I move within the 847 area code?

You can usually keep your current phone number when moving within the same area code. Contact your service provider to confirm.

3. Are there any upcoming changes or updates related to the 847 area code?

For information about any upcoming changes or updates regarding the 847 area code, it’s best to check with your service provider or visit official telecommunications websites for announcements.

4. How do I dial a phone number in an area with the 847 area code?

To dial a phone number in an area with the 847 area code, enter the full ten-digit number (area code + seven-digit local number) on your phone’s keypad without additional digits or symbols.


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