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Mars rover “Perseverance” Drives on the Red Planet for First Time

Mars rover Perseverance

“Perseverance” was not necessarily quick on its first voyage across Mars. NASA is still impressed, because the mini-trip of the rover shows: the six-wheel drive works.   The “Perseverance” rover has successfully completed its first tour on Mars. According to NASA information on Friday, the rover covered a distance of 6.5 meters two weeks after landing […]

Tricks to Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Your Home


In the summer stage the mosquito pests return, but you can keep them away from your home. One of the summer classics that does not fail year after year is the production of insects in our cities and towns. The annoying flies or mosquitoes with their bites appear wherever one goes, and they sneak into […]

The Most Expensive Players in The IPL History

Most expensive player in IPL history

IPL has taken T20 cricket to new heights by providing unmatched fun and amusement for the audience. It has been a long tale of 13 seasons and players have earned contracts worth crores from the IPL franchise teams. This has changed their lives for good. Every cricket fan wants their favorite team to win the […]

3 Pranayama Asanas Help Boost Your Immunity

pranayama to boost immunity

Ease your immunity with these three pranayama postures. If you include Yogasan in the daily routine it can boost your immunity. Here’s how you can remove toxins with these breathing exercises and improve your immunity. Yoga is not considered to be less than a panacea, which keeps the immune system healthy in a natural way. […]