How to Create a Memorable Wedding Experience on a Low Budget? 

Nowadays the bride and groom wish to be more involved in the wedding preparation, unlike in the old days. Keeping things affordable has become easy. Thanks to the wedding planners who help in budgeting. However, if you’re looking for ways to implement an approach for a memorable experience, this guide is for you!

  • Get season-specific flowers

Paying attention to minute details like this will save you big time on the budget. Buying seasonal flowers is a wise decision. Otherwise, you can go for flowers available all around the year, such as tulips, calla lilies, and roses. You could get creative with arts and crafts and create artificial flowers for a distinctive look for the big day! 

  • Book non-traditional place

If you go for booking a sprawling hotel that can accommodate 300 guests, it will burn a hole into your pocket. Booking the right place can help you cut down on many wedding expenses. Instead of a ballroom, look for other options such as Airbnb rentals, public parks, college campuses, working farms, apartment rooftops, etc. All these venues can potentially become aesthetically pleasing and fun places.

  • Shop wedding stationeries online

Custom wedding goodies are the show stealer. It includes wedding invitations, place cards, coasters, RSVP cards, napkins, table numbers, and the perfect neon sign for your wedding. Apart from wholesale prices, buying in bulk will also bag you a significant amount of discount. Online shopping will also let you order sample pieces before deciding on the final print. Hence, there’s no room for expensive mistakes.

  • Get creative with your guest list

The more tightly knit your guest list is, the more affordable the wedding will be. Hop onto the trend of intimate weddings. Only invite your relatives and close friends. You’d be saving hugely on every aspect of the wedding when the guest list is small. Here’s a creative idea to handle all the people you know.

Choose a smaller venue and invite guests accordingly. Tell the guests that you didn’t invite that this wedding was a gift from your parents, which is why you couldn’t add them to the guest list.

  • Save on attire

A plethora of ways are available for the groom and bride to cut costs on their wedding outfit. Brides can search through options available in vintage stores, resale apps, and retail shops to buy dresses that have a fantastic look intact. Similar to new cars, wedding dresses lose their value once worn. Here you can make a smart decision by deciding to go for designer dresses that are already worn. It would cost you a fraction of the original cost. 

If you want to cut costs further on the outfit, renting out the wedding dress and returning it is strongly advised.

  • Set priorities

When you’re clear on your wedding priorities, it becomes to stick to your budget. So, make a list of things of utmost priority. If you cannot fit something into your budget, see if you can adjust it with the negotiables.

The non-negotiable section mostly involves venue, dress, photographer, etc. Keeping all these under the non-negotiable sections allows you to have the wedding that you dreamt of.

  • Build a wedding website

Although the idea of multiple invitation cards is thrilling, you should know that it comes at a high cost. What you can do is, instead of opting for traditional invitation cards, build a wedding website. You can pass on the link to the website to all the guests. No need for separate cards for rehearsal dinner, day-after brunch, or welcome party. Take it all virtually.

  • Shop at the right time

The highest sales occur towards the end of the wedding season. Both consumers and boutiques frequently desire to get rid of items they bought for weddings in order to make room for the upcoming season. This is the time to receive significant savings on a wide range of goods, whether you’re shopping for a dress or just some supplies.


And there you go! Implementing these simple ideas will save you a lot on your wedding expenditure. Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you’re on a budget. Try executing the ideas mentioned above to keep it affordable without compromising the fun. 

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