Travel Tips: Going on a Trip in Monsoon, So Pack Your Bag

It is very important to keep the right accessories and tools in your bag before leaving for travel in the rainy season, so that your cellphone and wallet will not get wet. Carry a zip lock bag, umbrella, mosquito repellent and waterproof bag pack with you. The essential things to be carried during the journey in the rainy season:

  • Keep an umbrella or raincoat near you. You must also have a waterproof bag pack.
  • Always keep a zip lock bag with you. It proves useful for keeping wallets and other valuables such as smartphones, cameras and lenses etc. and prevents them from getting wet.
  • In this season, mosquitoes grow fast due to jammed drains, dirt and mud and mosquito-borne diseases spread very much, so keep mosquito repellent coils, creams or mosquito nets near you.
  • It is better to take your water, otherwise drink only boiled water. Do not eat food everywhere. Food available in the open can be harmful to health.

Some Tips Every Traveler Should Know

  • Keep lightweight synthetic clothing in your bag, which dries easily
  • The sandal is good options in terms of footwear this season.
  • Eating snacks or food items sold on the roadside during the rainy season can be harmful. Take herbal tea sachets and packet food with you and do not drink water that is not sealed with a water bottle.
  • Always keep the first-aid box with you in case of an emergency. During monsoon, there is a possibility of cold-cough, cold, or fever.
  • If you have planned to take a trip to a new place, then definitely know how you can get help in case of heavy rain or getting stuck due to some other reason. Must collect information related to contacting local authorities in an emergency. Make a reservation in advance for a safe journey.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Travelling

  • On rainy days, there is a higher possibility of power than other days, do not take the power bank with you to keep the phone active.
  • There is a possibility of dark soon in this season.
  • Keep extra plastic bags with you to keep electronic goods safe. They can also be used to keep wet clothes and food items.

How Can You Stay Fit and Fine During Travel?

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