Suzuki Partners with SkyDrive to Produce “Flying Cars” in Japan

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The Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corp announced on Tuesday that it has secured a deal to produce “flying cars” with SkyDrive Inc.

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will be manufactured by the businesses at a Suzuki Group facility in central Japan; manufacturing is expected to start by the spring of 2019.

According to the automaker, SkyDrive will set up a fully-owned subsidiary to manufacture the aircraft, while Suzuki will assist with setting up the factory, including acquiring talent.

SkyDrive, which has its headquarters in the central Japanese city of Toyota, counts among its principal investors trading house Itochu Corp, technology giant NEC Corp, and a division of energy company Eneos Holdings Inc.

In March of last year, the two businesses agreed to collaborate on the study, creation, and marketing of flying automobiles.

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