iPhone 15 Now Available to Pre-Order, Sale Starts September 22

Now that Apple has shown off its new phones, there are no more questions about the iPhone 15 release date. We know exactly when those devices will be available in stores, as well as when Apple will begin accepting iPhone 15 preorders.

As previously stated, Apple unveiled four new models at its September 12 product presentation. Apple is also producing a 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus in addition to the basic iPhone. Meanwhile, there are two Pro variants available: the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The latter two devices have the most upgrades, particularly the Pro Max, which now has a more advanced telephoto lens. However, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus receive a number of changes as well, the majority of which are features introduced to the iPhone 14 Pro models a year ago.

In addition to unveiling the characteristics of all four versions, Apple revealed pricing and a release date. Here’s all you need to know about obtaining an iPhone 15 and how much each model will cost.

iPhone 15 Release Date: When the Iphone’s Coming

The iPhone 15 was unveiled on September 12 at an Apple event. According to Apple, the new phones will be available in stores on Friday, September 22. That is around 10 days following the launch event, which is consistent with Apple’s previous iPhone rollout patterns.

Phone Announce date Release date
iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max September 12, 2023 September 22, 2023
iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max September 7, 2022 September 16, 2022
iPhone 14 Plus September 7, 2022 October 7, 2022
iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max September 14, 2021 September 24, 2021
iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro October 13, 2020 October 23, 2020
iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max October 13, 2020 November 13, 2020
iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max September 10. 2019 September 20, 2019
iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max September 12, 2018 September 21, 2018
iPhone XR September 12, 2018 October 26, 2018
iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus September 12, 2017 September 22, 2017
iPhone X September 12, 2017 November 3, 2017
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus September 7, 2016 September 16, 2016
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus September 9, 2015 September 25, 2015

It’s worth mentioning that all four iPhone 15 versions will be available on September 22nd. Some sources stated that Apple’s most costly phone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, was suffering production delays of three to four weeks. That was not the case, but we assume iPhone 15 Pro Max supplies are limited, which could hinder Apple from delivering that model as soon as its other handsets.

You will not have to wait until September 22 to order an iPhone 15. According to Apple, preorders will begin on September 15, one week before the iPhone 15’s release date.

Another important event for iPhone owners is the release of the entire iOS 17 update following a summer-long beta phase. Apple also announced a release date here, stating that existing iPhone owners would be able to upgrade to iOS 17 beginning Monday, September 18. The iPhone 15 will come pre-installed with iOS 17.

iPhone 15 Release Date: What Will the Iphones Cost?

iPhone 15 Global Launch Date

Only one of the new iPhone 15 versions will be more expensive than the previous model. The iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1,199, which is $100 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Otherwise, prices remain same as when the iPhone 14 range launched. The iPhone 15 starts at $799, while the iPhone 15 Plus starts at $899. The iPhone 15 Pro is priced at $999, which is $200 less than the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.


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