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How to Watch Steven Universe in the Correct Order [Complete Guide]

how to watch steven universe in order

Embarking on the “Steven Universe” journey can be a maze of episodes and story arcs, leaving fans puzzled about where to start. With five seasons, a movie, and a sequel series to track, it’s easy to miss pivotal moments in this galactic saga.

Our guide slices through the confusion, offering a streamlined path for your viewing adventure. Dive into the Steven Universe in order to experience excitement!

Understanding the Order of Steven Universe Episodes

Steven Universe episodes have a special order that mixes story arcs with character development. The show starts simple but gets complex as Steven learns about his powers and heritage.

Knowing the correct episode sequence is key to following the storyline without confusion.

Watch every season in order, from 1A through 5, before jumping into the movie or Steven Universe Future. Pay attention to episodes like “Jail Break” or “Change Your Mind,” as they are major turning points in the plot.

Follow this path, and you’ll see how each episode builds on the last, revealing secrets of the Gem Homeworld and diving deeper into Steven’s journey.

How to Watch the Seasons of Steven Universe in Order

To experience the story’s unraveling as its authors intended, entering the peaceful world of Steven Universe necessitates a sequential journey. Ensuring you’re watching seasons in order not only aligns the narrative but enriches your connection with each character and their development, letting every twist and emotional beat resonate to its fullest.

Season 1A and 1B

Seasons 1A and 1B are the true starting blocks for any Steven Universe fan, packed with 52 episodes that set off Steven’s incredible journey. You’ll watch him join forces with the Crystal Gems to keep Beach City safe from all kinds of strange happenings.

These early adventures introduce us to a cast of beloved characters, and fans get their first glimpse at Beach City, where so much of the action takes place.

Dive into these episodes and experience Steven’s growth firsthand—he uncovers new abilities and learns more about his family’s legacy in the Gem world. Each episode sheds light on Steven as he bonds with both humans and Gems, uncovering layers of complexity in this richly imagined universe.

Join him as he discovers magic crystal bubbles, shape-shifting powers, and what it means to be a giant woman—an adventure that’s not just exciting but also speaks volumes about growing up.

Season 2

Season 2 of Steven Universe brings more than just new episodes; it invites you on a journey deep into the heart of Beach City. Watch as Steven learns about his mother, Rose Quartz, in touching stories like “Story for Steven.” His bond with the Crystal Gems grows stronger while he also makes fantastic discoveries about his abilities.

Dive into heartfelt adventures such as “Open Book,” “Joy Ride,” and “Reformed.”.

This season is special because it reveals the secrets and backstories that shape the characters we love. Enjoy unique moments in episodes like “Cooking with Lion” and “Gem Karaoke.” Each episode from March 13 to April 30, 2015, shapes a storyline that connects deeply with fans all around.

The experiences shared create memories that resonate long after the screen fades to black.

Season 3

Season 3 of Steven Universe takes you on a wild ride with Steven as he finds out he can float. Imagine him up in the air, trying to figure out how to get back down! You’ll see him head off to Empire City too.

He goes there with Greg and Pearl for some family fun. But things aren’t all easy-going; Steven faces challenges like entering Lars’ dreams through astral projection.

Expect thrills when Connie and Steven become Stevonnie for a fast car race. Watch as they tackle teamwork and speed like pros! In other episodes, Steven uses his astral powers again, this time to help Kiki fight off her bad dreams.

The adventure heats up even more when Steven tries to heal a gem gone wrong. Jasper also shows up, bringing along trouble with a monster gem that’s got everyone on edge.

Season 4

Season 4 takes you deep into the heart of Steven Universe with episodes that shine a light on friendship, personal growth, and finding one’s own path. From “Kindergarten Kid” to a thrilling finale in “Are You My Dad?” this batch of 26 stories explores new dimensions within the Crystal Gems’ world.

Characters face challenges that test their bonds and reveal deeper layers of themselves.

Prepare for adventures where gems further uncover the mysteries of gem technology, fusion, and themselves, all while facing their inner demons and building relationships with each other.

The season aired from August 11, 2016, to May 11, 2017—each episode delivering its own unique mix of humor, drama, and action. It sets up beautifully for what is yet to come in Steven’s universe, as it was renewed for a fifth season shortly before Season 4 wrapped up.

Season 5

Season 5 of Steven Universe is where the magic happens. Aired between May 29, 2017, and January 21, 2019, this season packs a punch with its 32 episodes full of adventure and heart.

Watch as Steven faces new challenges and learns more about friendship and self-discovery. The “Wanted” event kicks off some exciting story arcs that fans still talk about.

Get ready for specials that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Discover themes woven beautifully through each episode—themes many movie lovers can relate to in different ways.

The journey culminates in an epic finale leading straight into the highly anticipated TV movie released after Season 5’s end on September 2, 2019. Each character brings their own flare to the series, from Garnet’s wisdom to Amethyst’s spunk.

Witness them all come together for one incredible crescendo in storytelling!

The Steven Universe Movie

The Steven Universe movie takes fans on a new journey with Steven and his friends. It hits the ground running with catchy tunes as it unfolds in a musical format. Viewers dive back into Beach City to see how their favorite characters have grown.

They face fresh challenges, fighting to keep their home safe.

[Video Credits @stevenuniverse4066]

Fans can expect plenty of heart and humor as they watch this animated adventure unfold. The Crystal Gems shine in every scene, showing off what we love most about them. This film is not just another episode; it’s an epic event that fills the gap between “Steven Universe” and “Steven Universe Future.”. Steven Universe also has a number of songs. You can know about all the Steven Universe songs in order as well.

Steven Universe Future

“Steven Universe Future” takes us deeper into Steven’s life after the events of the original series. The show dives into how he handles his past and grows as a person. It shows his struggles with what it means to be half-human and half-gem.

Fans get to see Steven dealing with everyday life while also facing new gems.

The story gets intense as Steven deals with trauma, stress, and big changes in his life. It gives viewers insight into mental health issues like PTSD. Watch “Steven Universe: The Movie” first for key context, then jump right into “Steven Universe Future.” Each episode builds on the last, zooming in on character growth and wrapping up loose ends from prior adventures.

Special Episodes and Shorts

Dive into the delightful world of Steven Universe beyond the main storyline with a collection of animated shorts and special episodes designed to give fans an extra dose of character development, humor, and heart—explore these gems for a fully rounded viewing experience that complements the core series.

Animated shorts

Animated shorts add extra sparkle to the Steven Universe experience. They fill in gaps and bring more fun to fans. You’ll find these gems scattered across home media releases and online platforms like HBO Max.

Each short is a mini-adventure with your favorite characters, from exploring how Cookie Cat found his way into Steven’s Cheeseburger Backpack to watching the Crystal Gems tackle video games at the arcade.

Fans get a deeper dive into life in Beach City with these quick, delightful stories.

Don’t miss out on the animated shorts—they’re key pieces of the puzzle! Watching them gives you insider knowledge about little secrets and character quirks not always shown in full episodes.

Pay attention to details like how Gem Temple statues hint at past battles or catch Watermelon Stevens causing mischief. These shorts are where creators drop hints and set up arcs that unravel later in series episodes or specials like “Say Uncle” and “Gem Karaoke.” Dive into every action-packed clip for a complete Steven Universe journey!

Dove Self-Esteem Project shorts

The Dove Self-Esteem Project shorts add a powerful layer to the Steven Universe experience. These special episodes pack a punch, tackling self-esteem and confidence issues head-on.

The makers of the show joined hands with Dove to create content that helps viewers feel good about themselves. Kids and adults alike can learn important lessons from these stories.

Steven Universe isn’t just about gem battles and space adventures; it’s also committed to boosting its fans’ self-worth. Watch these shorts and get inspired. They’re little gems within the series, shining a light on how we see ourselves in the mirror of life.

Powerful messages blend seamlessly into tales from Beach City, all supporting you to stand tall and shine bright like a crystal gem!

The Crystal Gems Say Be Anti-Racist shorts

Watch the Crystal Gems take on racism in their unique shorts. These short clips are packed with powerful messages about fighting discrimination. Steven Universe characters, including Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, stand up to say no to racism.

They show us how we can all help create a kinder world.

These shorts offer great tools for talks on anti-racism with kids and friends. They’re not just entertaining; they teach important lessons too. Love Steven Universe? You’ll want to see these meaningful stories from the Crystal Gems!

Steven Universe Character Arcs Explained

Delve into the emotional journeys and transformative experiences that define each gem and human in “Steven Universe,” where personal growth intertwines with intergalactic intrigue.

Witness how every challenge, victory, and revelation shapes these characters—forging them into the beloved figures that resonate deeply with fans everywhere.

Steven’s arc

Steven’s journey in “Steven Universe” is all about growing up and finding his way. He starts as a cheerful boy, often getting into mishaps because of his curiosity and eagerness to help.

As he learns more about the Crystal Gems and their past, Steven faces tough challenges. He struggles with the significance of his mother’s legacy and what it means for his future.

With each season, we see Steven tackle bigger threats and personal dilemmas. He makes mistakes but always tries to do better next time. His kindness touches those around him, turning enemies into friends.

Yet, he also deals with PTSD and trauma from the battles he’s fought—a side of heroism not often shown on TV. Fans watch as Steven struggles but keeps pushing forward, proving that even heroes need help sometimes.

Pearl’s arc

Pearl’s journey in Steven Universe takes us deep into a story of self-discovery and healing. She starts out as a devoted caregiver for Steven while carrying the burden of her relationship with Rose Quartz. Pearl faces her trauma head-on in episodes like “Rose’s Scabbard,” showing us the pain of unrequited love and the cost of war.

She must face her fears and insecurities at certain points in each hard-won step forward.


Her relationship with Rose pushes Pearl to question her worth beyond being a servant—this struggle plays out beautifully in songs like “It’s Over Isn’t It?” from “Mr. Greg.” As the series unfolds, we see Pearl transform from a gem full of regret into one who embraces change and fights for herself.

This character growth touches everyone around her, shaping the heart of Rebecca Sugar’s universe with every episode where she shines.

Amethyst´s arc

Amethyst’s journey is a whirlwind of self-discovery and acceptance. Her path shows us how to embrace who we are, despite where we come from. As you watch her episodes, you’ll see Amethyst wrestle with feelings of inadequacy and search for her place among the Crystal Gems.

It’s this struggle that makes her development so powerful.

Witness Amethyst transform from a gem unsure of her worth to one that finds strength in her past and present. Keep an eye on her battles—they’re not just physical clashes but also fights for personal growth.

With each challenge she overcomes, Amethyst becomes more integral to the team and the lore of Steven Universe. Your understanding of the gems’ dynamics will deepen as you follow Amethyst’s heartfelt evolution.

Garnet’s arc

Garnet stands as a powerful symbol of love and identity in Steven Universe. Her journey dives deep into the heart of fusion, where Ruby and Sapphire’s bond shines as a beacon for others.

Garnet’s story unfolds with rich layers, revealing how her strong sense of self guides the Crystal Gems. She faces challenges that test her resolve, yet her unwavering spirit keeps the team anchored.

Episodes like “Jail Break” display Garnet’s might not just in battle but also in embracing who she is. Viewers witness how key moments shape her evolution within the group’s dynamic.

As Steven learns from her resilience, so does the audience—garnering lessons about unity and being true to oneself. Through highs and lows, Garnet remains a steadfast cornerstone of strength for both friends and fans alike.

Peridot’s arc

Peridot starts off as a villain but makes a big turn. She learns to love Earth and joins the Crystal Gems. Her change is one of the best parts of Steven Universe. Watch her go from enemy to friend in key episodes we point out.

This gem’s story will grab your attention!

She does not just join; she shines! Peridot teams up with Lapis Lazuli and faces many challenges. These moments shape her into a brave crystal gem. Through teamwork, she helps save the day more than once.

Get ready to cheer for Peridot as you see how much she grows!

Lapis Lazuli’s arc

Lapis Lazuli starts off as a mystery. Steven is the only one who can free her from the mirror’s trap. Her journey takes her from being a prisoner to finding her own strength and place on Earth.

Along the way, she faces tough choices and even tougher consequences. Lapis battles with trust after being betrayed and used during the war on her home planet.

Her bond with Steven grows stronger over time. He helps her heal and learn how to be free again. Lapis also clashes with Jasper, another complex character who challenges her in unexpected ways.

These interactions shape Lapis into someone new—someone more than just a Gem from Homeworld. Watchers see how she handles fear, finds friendship, and stands up for herself through all five seasons, plus extra content like “Super Watermelon Island” and “Mirror Gem.” Keep an eye out for episodes like “Alone at Sea,” where key moments of Lapis’s arc unfold!

Jasper’s arc

Jasper’s journey in Steven Universe is a wild ride full of twists and challenges. She starts off as a tough homeworld gem, set on battling the crystal gems. But her story isn’t all about fighting; it shows how someone can change over time.

Jasper faces many struggles, learns hard lessons, and changes in ways you might not expect.

Watching Jasper’s episodes lets you dive deep into the show’s rich tapestry. Her interactions with other characters are intense, and they reveal more about who she really is. Follow her personal journey to see how it connects to the larger themes of identity, redemption, and growth that Steven Universe explores so well.

Jasper’s story adds layers to your understanding of this animated universe—don’t miss out on seeing how she evolves!

Bismuth’s arc

Bismuth starts off as a mystery, hidden away in the lion’s mane. Her story is all about discovery and understanding the power of change. She’s a blacksmith from the Crystal Gems who built weapons for the rebellion against the Homeworld Gems.

Built like a tank, with a heart just as strong, she adds more than muscle to Steven’s world—she brings depth too.

Her journey takes her from being an outcast to someone who learns the value of nonviolence and teamwork. Bismuth learns how friendships can evolve and that even the toughest gems have room to grow.

This arc hits hard on themes like redemption and finding one’s place in a new world order. Fans watch her grapple with past mistakes and build bridges towards forgiveness—a true testament to Steven Universe’s message of love and acceptance.

With every episode featuring her, Bismuth breaks molds just like she forges metal—with fire, strength, and precision.

Connie’s arc

Connie’s journey in Steven Universe is both thrilling and heartfelt. She starts off as a shy bookworm, but soon becomes one of Steven’s closest allies. Her training with Pearl unlocks her inner warrior, transforming her into a brave fighter for the Crystal Gems.

Alongside Steven, she battles countless threats and even wields Rose Quartz’s sword with confidence.

Her growth goes beyond combat skills; Connie learns to balance her human life with her adventures in gem magic. Her friendship with Steven blossoms into something beautiful, full of trust and understanding.

Together, they face the unknown, proving that strength comes from more than just physical power—it also comes from love and connection. Each challenge shapes Connie into a central figure who embraces change while staying true to herself.

Greg Universe’s arc

Greg Universe starts as Steven’s cool dad, a laid-back musician with a van. But he’s more than that. Through episodes like “Laser Light Cannon” and “Wailing Stone,” we watch him grow from a simple rock star to a wise father figure.

His music connects deeply with the story of the Crystal Gems and becomes key to understanding their past.

His journey is filled with moments that shape his destiny and, by extension, Steven’s too. You see Greg facing challenges and learning about love, family, and acceptance along the way.

This charming character teaches us something important: growth can happen at any stage in life. He shows us how embracing our history can lead to making peace with who we are now, just as he did when revelations about his past came to light in episodes like “We Are The Crystal Gems.”.

Understanding the Lore and Episodes of Key Characters

Delving into the rich tapestry of Steven Universe, each key character’s backstory and development are essential—to truly grasp the depth of the series, it’s crucial to explore their individual journeys.

From Rose Quartz’s enigmatic history to Lars’ transformation, these episodes are not merely filler; they’re pieces of a grander puzzle that reveal the heart and soul of this gem-filled universe.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a character wrapped in mystery and at the heart of many Steven Universe stories. Her past actions shape the world in which Steven and the Crystal Gems live. Learning about her is key to understanding the series’ deeper themes.

Rose’s choices play a big role in everything, from the Gem War to how characters interact with one another.

Fans see Rose’s influence as they follow Steven’s journey. She was a leader who made tough calls and loved Earth deeply. Get to know her through episodes that reveal her history, relationships, and legacy.

It makes all those adventures on Cartoon Network even more special!


Diamonds shine brightly in the Steven Universe world. They are powerful leaders of the Gem race and hold major roles in the show’s lore. Each one rules over different parts of Gem society, affecting many storylines throughout the series.

Their decisions impact everyone, from small gems to entire planets.

Fans get to see Diamonds change as characters too. They learn about love, empathy, and kindness. Watching these leaders grow helps us understand that even those who seem tough have room for growth.

The episodes “Legs From Here to Homeworld” and “Reunited” offer insights into their complex natures. Get ready to dive deep into diamond dynamics—they’re key to grasping Steven Universe’s full picture!


Lars starts off as a background character in Steven Universe, but don’t let that fool you—he grows into much more. He’s the cool kid working at the Big Donut who finds himself intertwined with Steven’s adventures, especially in “Lars and the Cool Kids.” This episode isn’t just about showing off Lars’ tough exterior; it digs deeper into his true personality.

Things get wild for Lars during “The New Lars,” where an astral mishap puts Steven inside his body. Imagine waking up not as yourself—that’s just what happens! But this mix-up is more than a quirky twist; it shapes how we see Lars and kicks off important changes for him.

From baking Ube rolls to blasting off into space, he’s got some of the most dynamic shifts in the series. Keep an eye on episodes like “Jungle Moon” and “Lars of the Stars” to catch his epic transformation—you won’t want to miss it!


Sadie starts out as a regular at the Big Donut in Beach City. Her story unfolds across various episodes, showing her connections with Steven and other characters. She grows from someone who seems ordinary into a complex person with dreams and fears.

Episodes like “Lars and the Cool Kids” showcase Sadie’s depth beyond her job at the donut shop.


Her interactions with Lars are central to both their stories. They go through ups and downs together, teaching us about friendship and personal growth. Sadie really shines in “Sadie Killer,” where she reveals hidden talents, proving there’s more to everyone than meets the eye.

Keep an eye on Sadie; her journey might surprise you!


Lion is not just any ordinary character in Steven Universe; he’s a magical pink lion with incredible powers. Imagine a loyal friend who can whisk you away to distant locations in the blink of an eye! That’s Lion for you, always by Steven’s side on his thrilling escapades.

His ability to transport them through his mane adds a layer of mystery and excitement to each episode. Watch closely as Lion reveals surprises like the magical key from “Lion 4: Alternate Ending,” leading Steven on a brand-new quest.

Fans caught their first glimpse of this enigmatic companion in “Lion 2: The Movie.” Picture this: Steven and Connie hop onto Lion, hoping for a simple trip to the movies—yet what unfolds is far beyond any regular theater experience! With Lion around, every journey promises hidden wonders and uncharted paths worth exploring.

Keep an eye out—you never know what secrets lie within this magnificent creature’s mystical roars and soft fur.

Understanding the Role of Off-colors Episodes

In the world of Steven Universe, off-color episodes stand out. They shine a light on unique gems that don’t fit into traditional gem society roles. Episodes with Rutile Twins, Rhodonite, Padparadscha, and Fluorite show us the value of being different.

These characters challenge norms and bring fresh perspectives to the story.

Watching these episodes opens our eyes to new ideas about identity and acceptance. We see how off-colors find strength in their differences. Their tales add depth to Steven’s universe by showing there is room for everyone, no matter how they appear or what others think of them.

Gems-Townies Arc: Interaction of Gems with Humans

The Gems-Townies arc brings us closer to the folks of Beach City. Watch how Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven connect with everyday people like Peedee Fryman and Mayor Dewey. These episodes let us see friendships form and show how humans handle gem-related challenges.

We learn a lot about both worlds through beach parties, baseball games, and dinner mishaps.

Every encounter between the Crystal Gems and Beach City residents teaches a lesson in acceptance. The story dives into how different beings can live together happily. From battling a living fry costume to facing off against gem shard monsters at Funland Arcade, these experiences blend human quirks with Gem magic—making for unforgettable adventures that enrich the world of Steven Universe.

Fusion Episodes: A Key Part of the Series

Fusion episodes show how Steven and the Gems team up to become bigger and stronger. They mix into new forms with cool powers. These shows are not just fun; they teach us about friendship and trust.

Watching gems like Garnet or Stevonnie, you see how working together makes them special.

Every fusion is different, showing new sides of who the gems are. They deal with hard feelings and big choices during these times too. It’s not only about the action; it’s also about what’s in their hearts.

And that’s why Fusion episodes shine; they mix awesome battles with deep stories about love and cooperation.

Physical and Digital Distribution of Steven Universe

For fans eager to dive into Steven Universe’s expansive world, understanding the various avenues for enjoying the series is crucial. Physical devotees can treasure the tangible experience of Blu-ray and DVD collections, while digital enthusiasts will find streaming platforms and downloadable content readily at their fingertips—each medium offering its own unique way to connect with Steven’s universe.

Volume 1 to Volume 7

Volume 1 through Volume 7 of Steven Universe serve as your roadmap to the stars and beyond. Dive into these collections, and you’ll find every twist and turn in Steven’s cosmic journey.

Each volume is packed with episodes that build this magical world piece by piece. Watch them in order, and you’ll catch every detail of the lore, from little homeschool adventures to epic gem fusions.

You’ve got options for how to enjoy these chapters in Steven’s story. Grab the Blu-rays if you love having a physical collection, or stream them if digital is more your style. Either way, these volumes are ready for takeoff whenever you are—no need to worry about missing a beat.

Fans can relive their favorite moments anytime, adding depth to conversations about moon bases, gem mazes, and Michaela Dietz’s incredible voice work as Amethyst.

Compilation of episode numbers

Keeping track of Steven Universe episodes is easy with a compiled episode number list. Volumes 1 to 7 bundle the adventures neatly, letting you follow along without missing a beat.

Each volume groups specific episodes, so you know exactly where you are in Steven’s journey. Dive into “Steven Universe: The Complete First Season” and continue right through to “The Complete Second Season.” These sets bring together the heartwarming tales from Beach City in crystal-clear order.

Fans have options for how they watch Steven Universe. DVDs offer a tangible collection, while digital formats provide on-the-go access. All volumes, including specials like “Arcade Mania,” are available online through platforms such as Madman Entertainment and other home video services.


You’ve got all you need to dive into the world of Steven Universe. Follow this guide and don’t miss a beat of the adventure; it’s worth every moment. Watch as characters grow, stories unfold, and gems shine brighter with each episode.

Get ready for an epic journey through space, friendship, and self-discovery. Press play and let the magic begin!

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