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How to Make Homemade Sanitizer Gel to Protect Coronavirus?

You tried to buy sanitizer gel a few days ago to protect yourself from coronavirus. But you failed as most pharmacies and supermarkets lack this product.

Although cleaning hands with soap and water is the best ways for protection, you should keep the sanitizer gel in your bag for necessary.

Therefore, I suggest you make this gel yourself at home. And I refer to a reliable source for its elaboration: World Health Organization (WHO). The preparation method of sanitizer gel at home is available on its website.

Ingredients for Making the Sanitizer Gel:

For 10 liters of product:

  1. 8,333 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol (we have it at home)
  2. 417 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogen peroxide)
  3. 145 ml of glycerol 98% (Glycerin)
  4. 200 ml of distilled water or boiled water and then cooled

The Italian chemist Dario Bressanini has disclosed the same formula (with small variations) for an amount less than 200 ml of product:

  1. 135 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol (The one we have at home)
  2. 8 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogen peroxide)
  3. 4 ml of 98% glycerol (Glycerin)
  4. 22 distilled water or boiled water and then cooled

Preparation Mode

The way to prepare this formula to make a hand sanitizer is simple. For example, there is need a tank or carafe (to make the 10-liter formula), funnels and measuring glasses. In the case of making it for 200 ml, we will need smaller containers.

After mixing all the ingredients, you should let it stand for 72 hours. Subsequently, you can place it in glass or plastic boats with smaller caps for carrying in your bag.

WHO notes in its recommendations that glycerol, a type of alcohol which is used as a humectant. You can replace it with other humectants. They are suitable for topical use and skincare.

Regarding hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, it is a substance that inactivates contaminating bacteria. But it is not a product that is intended for asepsis. It is for disinfection.

If an additive is added to the formula, we must ensure that it is not toxic to the skin, says the WHO. We paste in our homemade preparation of sanitizer gel with all the remaining ingredients.

It is not recommended to add dyes or perfumes that may cause some type of allergy.

In the absence of glycerol, you can make a fast and effective sanitizer mixture for hands. It surfaces using three parts of 96% alcohol. One of the water places it in a spray container, says the expert Dr Javier Dotor.

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Recommendations for Use

WHO recalls that you should intend these types of products for hand hygiene and inactivation of possible pathogenic microorganisms quickly.

The doctor recommends the method of WHO when access to bathing areas is not possible for the cleaning of hands with soap and water. The most effective measure to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus outbreak responsible for COVID-19 disease as well as other pathogens.

How to Use the Sanitizer Gel to Protect Coronavirus?
  1. Apply the procedure in the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub both hands together.
  3. It covers all the surfaces of the hands, between the fingers, nails, etc.
  4. Do it for at least 20 seconds.


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