Essential Hair Care Products To Carry While Travelling

When you have a good hair day, half the battle of dressing up is won. To make that possible, you need quality hair care products and to take care of your hair regularly.

Especially while travelling, maintaining well-groomed hair gets tricky. But if you pack the right essentials for hair care, keeping your hair clean and styled even during a vacation become easy. But what should you pack?

Listed here are some of the important hair care products to ensure that your hair care routine does not suffer even on the go.

Factors to Consider During Travelling

There are several important factors that you must take into consideration while choosing hair care products for your travel. From weather to your luggage—many things play an important role in making your hair care regime fruitful. 

The climate of the destination

The climate is the first and foremost thing to consider as it can affect your hair significantly. If the location is very humid, the hair gets frizzy with greasy roots. If it is too dry, the hair gets tangled and brittle easily. Also, the availability of water is a major concern. Keeping these factors in mind, the product must be chosen accordingly.

Luggage restrictions 

There could be luggage restrictions to consider, especially if you are taking a flight. Liquid products and inflammable products are not allowed on board. Moreover, you must consider the luggage weight as well while packing the items and only include small amounts of what is necessary.

Duration of the stay

The duration of the trip influences the amount of luggage you carry. Similarly, it will also affect the amount of product you have with you. If it is a short stay, bare minimum products will suffice. But if it is a prolonged trip, small travel-size products may not be sufficient. These are subtle but crucial factors to note while you pack the luggage.

Purpose of the travel

The purpose of travel will also influence what you are packing with you. Will there be important events to attend? Is it a remote location? Are you going for an adventurous vacation like trekking? You need to consider these factors while choosing the products and accordingly pack your bag. Depending on the purpose and destination, certain products may not be necessary at all.

Locations you visit

The location you are visiting plays a crucial role in packing your toiletries and makeup kit. If the region has water scarcity, wet products like shampoo would only cause more problems. Extremely hot and humid areas would call for soothing and mild products that cleanse thoroughly and do not cause build-ups. An official tour means you need to have enough products that make your hair look presentable.

Haircare Items to Carry While Travelling

Keeping in mind the different purposes of travel, tira experts have listed all the products you may need to pack for travelling. However, the final call is yours regarding which are the most essential products that you cannot do without while travelling.


Shampoo is one hair care product that you cannot do without. No matter where you go, cleansing the hair is the first step towards keeping the locks healthy. However, if you are going somewhere with extreme water scarcity, you may have to rely on dry shampoo more. Choose travel-size products and mild formulas that work in every climate as per.


Irrespective of the hair type, you must pack your conditioner. Especially those with dry and frizzy hair must not skip conditioning at all costs. If you have a signature conditioner, pack it in a pump bottle or else look for the travel-size version of the product. Consider the climate, temperature, and overall weather of the location and choose the conditioner accordingly.

Dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo is particularly important if you are going to an area with water scarcity or extreme temperatures. Make sure you choose a mild dry shampoo that does not cause too much build-up. Even if you use dry shampoo, wash your hair at least once every three days so that you do not get dandruff or scalp irritation from product buildup. 

Hair masque

If you have very dry hair, the hair masque is essential. Moreover, if you plan to style your hair or have an important event to attend, a hair masque is needed to make your hair look lustrous and healthy. It ensures your hair looks and feels soft and bouncy, irrespective of the climatic change it faces. Get a travel size or carry a small tub as you would not need the masque more than once a week.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners can instantly revive the lustre of your hair. If you are going to cold and dry places that make your hair appear dull, the leave-in conditioner is a must-have. It moisturizes the hair thoroughly and makes it appear nourished.

Hair serum or oil

Hair oil or hair serum is needed to add moisture and hydrate the hair thoroughly. Especially if you have dry hair, it is essential in your travel bag.

Hair brush

Combining and brushing the hair every day keeps it healthier by stimulating blood circulation. Hence, do not forget to pack a compact brush in your travel case. Wrap it in a sock or other clothing to prevent damaging the bristles.

Hair styling tool

Include a multi-purpose hair styling tool depending on the type of hairstyle you wish to sport. It can be a compact blow brush or a straighter or curler that easily fits in your bag. Avoid packing anything too heavy as it can add to the weight of your luggage.

Proper hair care and maintenance should be done consistently, no matter where you go. In the long run, it helps to retain the volume and lustre of your hair even as you age.

With the suggestions from tira experts, shortlisting your hair care products for travelling would now become much easier. Visit the tira platform to shop from our wide range of beauty products, and read our blogs for more inspiration and suggestions.


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