Best ESL Resources for Students

More than 1.5 billion people speak English globally. Out of that figure, only about 400 million people are native English speakers. Learning the English language benefits individuals in different ways, especially those planning to migrate to English-speaking nations. 

There is a wider range of tools for use by people speaking English as a second language. They make learning the language easier where learners achieve their learning goals. Here are the best ESL tools for students. has assisted millions of students to learn English. For more than fifteen years, they have helped learners improve their spoken English. The tool has a wide range of customized lessons created to help beginners and those that have progressed in learning the English language. 

Students who speak English as a second language often get challenged when writing academic papers in English. Luckily, writers at EssayWritingLab are native English speakers who help students write original papers in native English. 

The website has English-speaking lessons, video lessons, listening lessons, and extra English lessons. They use the basic language learning approach which is speaking, listening, and writing to make the learning experience better. Students can download apps for use on Android or iPhone. They can also download an offline version of the lessons. 

ESL Video

ESL Video is a useful tool for students learning English as a second language. The site provides free video and audio lessons to students. The videos cover five levels of lessons. They have the beginner’s level which is designed for learners who are starting to learn the English language. 

The lower intermediate is for learners who have already learned the basics of English but are yet to learn more. The intermediate is designed for students who have learned English but are seeking to improve speaking fluency. The high intermediate is for those who have no challenges speaking but are seeking to improve speaking and writing. 

The advanced lessons are excellent for students at colleges and university levels. They learn the English language in detail like speaking, writing, vocabulary, and teaching.  Students who want to get help with writing assignments in English contact professional writers at BrillAssignment services.


EnglishTestStore provides students with hundreds of free English tests and exercises to help them improve their written and spoken English. They have grammar practice tests, reading comprehension, listening quizzes, and basic grammar. 

Most of the tests have customized questions that are likely to be asked in the major English tests taken by students who want to migrate to another country. These are tests such as TOEFL, GMAT, TOEIC, SAT, GRE. 

The listening tests help students improve their listening skills so that they will pass the symmetrical listening tests. speaking tests help with pronunciation skills while reading tests improve reading and vocabulary skills.

The provides English remote learning lessons that are 100 percent guided by teachers. Students have an option to register for live remote classes. They learn in interactive group classes guided by expert teachers. Once registered, students are free to take a 7-day trial lesson after which they pay a subscription. 

Another option is the self-study online courses. Under this category, students access limitless remote English lessons for only £5.99 monthly. Students can also opt to learn under one-on-one tutoring where they pay $1 per the first session. 

Students who are not sure which level to start learning can take a free online English test. Once they get the results, they are advised of their current English level and the lessons they should begin with. 

Common Errors in English Usage

Common Errors in English Usage is a website created and owned by Washington State University. It has alphabetically listed words that show the errors students make often when spelling words in the English language. 

Some of the words they have highlighted are advice/advise, afterward/afterword, aisle/isle, aide/aide, and many more. The website contains thousands of words that students can click on and learn their different meanings/applications. 

American English Resources

American English Resources is an important tool for students who are learning English as a second language. It is an interactive learning tool where a teacher engages with students through classroom activities, audio, and videos. This is an excellent website for students who want to learn American traditions such as traditional songs, American children’s songs, and various complex words. 

There are lessons created by the US federal government, non-categorized poems, and a large number of publications. A student is free to choose any type of learning materials that they feel comfortable using in their learning processes. 

They may choose to learn using books, lesson plans, interactive videos, pomes, stories, programs, and many more.  The site has a collection of over 1000 resources for students to use any time of the day or night. has thousands of learning resources for students at all levels. The website has materials that have been prepared by experienced teachers since the late 1990s to date. There are lessons for space exploration, randomly generated sentences, translations from videos to audio, and many more. 

The lessons are accessible from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Students can listen and repeat audio, watch videos, read texts, or watch podcasts. They have quizzes, word games, slang words, sentence generators, etc. 

English Media Lab

English Media Lab contains lessons customized for students learning English as a second language. The website contains a wide range of exercises, audio, and videos. The lessons start with simple English for beginners and advance to complex English for high school and university students. 

Students learn pronunciation lessons, grammar exercises, math exercises for younger learners, and intermediate and advanced English levels. They have a presence in key countries like the US, UK, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya. The lesson enhances writing skills, spoken English, and communication skills. 

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