India at the Top in ChatGPT Accounts Hacking, Says Report

With regard to artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is proving to be a ground-breaking tool that has raised questions about how technology will develop in the future.

The world’s political and technological leaders have repeatedly warned against the possible abuse of generative AI technologies, though. The concerns came true, as Group-IB’s research indicated that about 100,000 people had their ChatGPT accounts stolen and had their personal information exposed. Unsurprisingly, the research noted that India has the most compromises.

Global Law on AI
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An organization called Group-IB, based in Singapore, asserted that it had discovered more than 100,000 machines with ChatGPT credentials saved on them that were infected with stealers. The top three nations where users were affected by the cyberattack were India (12,632), Pakistan (9,217), and Brazil (6,531), according to the Threat Intelligence Unit of the Group-IB.

Data Traded on Dark Web

Also, these stolen logins were sold on marketplaces on the dark web, with the most accounts coming from the Asia-Pacific area.

Many tech experts, including Elon Musk, had doubts about ChatGPT-like AI systems before the news broke, and Musk has called for them to be regulated. The European Union has also just passed the AI Act, which wants to regulate companies that use artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence
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Time magazine made a big discovery about the AI Act. They said that companies like OpenAI, which makes ChatGPT, Microsoft, and Google “lobbied” EU officials for the AI Act to have less strict rules about AI regulation.

Companies and people all over the world are using generative AI platforms like ChatGPT to be more efficient. People might share sensitive information with ChatGPT while giving prompts to the AI platform, which makes it useful. Several companies have told their workers that they can’t use ChatGPT for reasons that are similar.

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