Cash App Won’t Let Me Add Cash

Have you been trying to add cash to your Cash App, but every time you try, it says something went wrong? It might have something to do with your bank or the card.

Whatever reason you might have for not being able to add cash (or send it), we’ve got some solutions for solving these problems without having to start from scratch or restart your device. 

If so, your issue may be with the amount of money you are trying to add to the app. In this post, we’ve listed five reasons Cash App might not be letting you add cash, and how to fix them.

Why Cash App Won’t Let Me Add Cash?

  • ✓ Cash App might be down

One of those times is when you’re trying to add cash, but your app crashes or it refuses to let you send any money. 

Note: When checking if Cash App is down, please check their official Twitter page first before asking in Hacker News comments or on Facebook Groups.

Because most of those queries will not get answered right away since they get posted thousands of times per hour.

  • ✓ You are unable to add cash to Cash App because your account is not verified

Cash App is a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer money from their bank accounts to others’ bank accounts. 

When you sign up for a Cash App, it is immediately ready to use with cash added and ready to send. 

However, it is important to note that, until your account is verified with Cash App, you will not be able to add cash as an option in the app.

How to Fix Cash App Won’t Let Me Add Cash?

The first step to resolving issues with adding cash is to verify your identity by following instructions on Cash App’s website or by contacting Cash App customer service (their contact details can be found on their website)

Another alternative is to verify your identity, which is to log into your account on the app and select Cash Settings under Profile. 

Next, click on Verify Your Account and follow the instructions. 

Once you have completed all of these steps, try adding cash again and see if it works!

  • ✓ There is a problem with the debit card linked with your account

One of many reasons the cash app isn’t letting you add funds might be from your debit card details.

Make sure you check if the details provided on your card are the same as provided on your Cash App dashboard.

If you don’t already have a debit card added on Cash App, you should consider adding one for two reasons. 

First, your cash transfers will be instantly available (except for credit unions that sometimes require a longer delay). 

Second, It’s easier to fund your Cash App account.

One of the importance of adding a card is because, if there is an issue with your account like having insufficient funds or accidentally requesting more money than your bank allows at one time, 

you can call up the mobile banking team and solve the problem by instantly transferring money from your debit card back into your bank account. 

  • ✓ Your device cannot access the internet properly

You may be attempting to add cash on a device that doesn’t have a fully functional internet connection. 

For example, you might use your phone which may not be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

The Cash app works best when it can access either your Wi-Fi or your cellular data.

Make sure to enable Wi-Fi and make sure you’re in an area with a strong signal so your device can get online and complete its actions properly. 

If you still can’t add cash after checking these things, try restarting your device and trying again. If all else fails, contact customer support for help.

  • ✓ Your account has not been verified (activated)

Sometimes, people who sign up for a new account in Cash App will not be allowed to add cash. 

The reason behind this is that your account has not been activated. 

An activated account can be used to send and receive money, add and remove cash, and take full advantage of all features. 

To verify your account, log in to your Cash App dashboard and locate where you need to verify your account.

Or better still you can contact customer care to help you out with your verification.

  • ✓ check the amount you are trying to deposit

If you’re having issues with adding money into your Cash App, check your Cash App history because it might be because the amount you are trying to deposit is more than your cash limit.

If you have another bank account linked and that amount goes over $50,000, then they will turn off deposits until the following day when the limit resets. 

If the issue is persisting after doing these checks, we recommend sending a message through the app and providing support with as much information as possible. 

Once they can understand the situation, they should be able to resolve any problems quickly.

  • ✓ Inspect your card balance

If you see a red X next to your account balance, it means there’s an issue with your card. Make sure that your card is loaded and ready to go. 

If your balance is still not available, check out your recent transactions and make sure that everything looks good on your end. 


Before you ponder on what might be the issue with your account, it’s important to try all the recommendations.

PS: Sums of Money have no power over you when you are working with your best financial intelligence

One way to gain better control of your money is by checking your cash app account status from time to time. It is especially helpful for anyone who has just started using their Cash app or has just opened a new account. 

This can be done directly through their phone or an internet browser on a computer. 

Checking your account status on an ongoing basis will help you keep track of all your transactions and avoid costly mistakes in future spending habits. 

If you have any issues with accessing a balance that belongs to you, it is advised that you reach out to customer service immediately.

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