7 Reasons Why You shouldn’t Copy Other Contents

We are always saying the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And in truth, all those tips, tools and tricks are real, but if we do certain things wrong, it will have served nothing to do all of the above well.

Therefore, today we have to say why we should not copy the other content, however good it may be.

Why not copy content from other websites?

We are not stupid, are you? And of course, if we see good content, we think, I want that content to be on my blog! There are only two problems:

  • It is not us
  • Google knows it’s not ours

It is not us

Here maybe, you can ignore it and try to make our content that is not. It is immoral, illegal and sure that many more things but, with a little luck the creator of the same does not see it and everyone is happy.

Google knows

Here friends, there is nothing to do and we are very screwed!

We have passed our filter (the immoral and legal) and we have copied content as if nothing happened but, our colleague Google will not do as we do. Google loves the original content and for him, the content is the king of web positioning.

If Google itself recognizes that the highest SEO load is carried by the content, going against it would be a bit inconsistent.

You will always be behind your competition

On the internet, who gives first gives twice and being the first to be original has an extra prize. Generate quality content and new, is one of the factors that Google takes into account when giving you your position in searches.

If you are a bad boy who wants to go against the strongest, do it in a good way and do not copy content, you are advised!

You will go to the last positions of the search engine

It could be summed up in: “It’s like that, period,” but I’m not here to say that. Google hates copious, just like your primary school teacher, who always caught you.

Duplicate content on Google will make you dive into searches, so it is important to index the content quickly with webmaster tools, since if a pirate copies us the content before being indexed, the one that will count as duplicate will be ours.

Google won’t take you seriously

Nobody takes a thief seriously; did you think Google would do it? Of course not!! Google does not want thieves in your system and will let you know, not only treating badly the pages that are copied but treating your entire web badly.

Of course, if you have just copied one article, it will not treat you as if you are copying all, it is not such a bad person

It can be expensive, VERY Expensive

We are used to believe and make true the thought that if it is on the internet, it is free, but it is not true. The texts have owners and creators and although it is easy to copy them (steal them) does not mean they can find us and make them pay.

If you are willing to copy content, look at the conditions set by the creators, if it has copyright, copyleft, etc. You must walk with a thousand eyes before pasting content.

Beware of links!

I have left one of my favorites for last. When copying content, there are many risks and one of them is the links. When making copy paste, there is the possibility that in that text there are links to other websites and we swallow them with “potatoes”.

In truth, more than a risk for our website, it is a benefit for others and they will also be from the same sector as ours. Therefore, if you decide to copy, look at the links you have and delete them, it is fine that you immolate yourself but do not benefit the competition.

This point also works for the opposite case, imagine that they copy you … it would be great if the links were kept on the web that copied content, right?

To help this, hide a link in a post and always put them with absolute routes, if for some reason they decide that your content is worth copying, you are lucky and they paste your link.

If you still believe that you should copy texts from other websites, make the page itself not indexed, in this way Google will not penalize you, but you will not appear in its searches either.  

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