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USC Shaken by Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against C.W. Park [Detail Story]

C.w. Park Usc Lawsuit

USC is embattled with C.W. Park’s billion-dollar lawsuit over its Undergraduate Student Government’s fault. In January 2023, police arrested Park, a former USC trustee, for financial crimes. He lashed back, blindsiding the university with allegations of fraudulent meddling in a high-profile USG election. The unfolding C.W. Park USC lawsuit is a dramatic battle involving power […]

George Santos Faces Mounting Pressure to Resign from Congress

George santos controversy

Congressman George Santos, a Republican from embattled New York, may soon be leaving office. This week, the House Ethics Committee will produce a report that includes evidence that Santos violated federal laws and misappropriated campaign funds. This might lead to a third and final vote to remove the freshman representative. Once Santos acknowledged lying about […]

List of Top 20 Highest-Paid Authors in 2023 [Including Net Worth and Earnings]

Highest-Paid Authors 2023

The publishing industry has always been an exciting field, and the highest-paid authors of 2023 are proof of that. These authors have made a fortune from their writing, and their success stories have inspired many aspiring writers worldwide. From established names to new authors, the list of the highest-paid authors includes a diverse range of […]

The Chameleon Eyes of Taylor Swift: How Her Eye Color Changes?

taylor swift eye color

Do you find yourself wondering what Taylor Swift’s eye color really is? Is it the striking blue that everyone talks about, or are her eyes something unique and rare? Many have been captivated by this mystery, and with good reason: many people want to know exactly what color Taylor Swift’s eyes are. In this article, […]

Top 20 Richest Football Club Owners in the World

Richest Football Owners

Football clubs around the world are often centers of power and influence in their communities. The owners of these clubs wield immense financial resources to recruit top talent and bring championships and glory to their teams. But who are the wealthiest football club owners on the planet? This article will count down the 20 richest […]

Breaking Down the Ultimate Mystery Behind Cutelilkitty8


Are you trying to keep up with the latest internet stars who are changing the game in digital creativity? You might have heard whispers about Cutelilkitty8, a name that’s bouncing around social media and catching attention left and right. Finding out who’s behind those creative Roblox designs or epic gaming moments can feel like diving […]

20 Best Electric Cars Under 30k: Eco-Friendly Wheels on a Budget

Electric cars under 30k

Are you looking for an affordable electric car to drive? With the rising cost of gas and tax rebates often available, purchasing electric cars under 30k could be a great way to save money while doing your part to help the environment. In this article, we’ll break down some of the best electric cars available […]

We Already Have the Means to Stop Overfishing, Why Are Politicians Dragging Their Heels

UK fishing bans to curb overfishing

Nearly half of the United Kingdom’s maritime ecosystems are threatened by overfishing, while the government sets catch limits that ignore this reality. Examples from around the world debunk ideas that installing a fishing ban is either not feasible, or that it will destroy the fishing industry and communities that rely on fishing. Technological innovations such […]

Meta’s Threads to Enter EU Market with Limited Features

Meta's Threads to Enter EU Market

Meta has been cautious about launching its Snapchat-like app Threads in the European Union (EU), wanting to ensure the new platform adheres to the bloc’s strict regulations for online services before debuting there. To meet requirements around user data and privacy, Threads will allow EU users the choice to use the app purely for content […]

December 3 Zodiac: Personality Traits and Compatibility

December 3 Zodiac

December 3rd marks the beginning of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. People born under this sign are known for their adventurous spirit and optimistic outlook on life. They are often described as free-spirited individuals who love to explore and learn new things. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, rules Sagittarians. This influence makes them natural […]