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India Discovers Lithium Resources 5.9 Million Tonnes in Jammu and Kashmir

Listen to Podcast: The Geological Survey of India made the announcement on February 9 that lithium reserves have been discovered in Jammu and Kashmir for the very first time in India (J&K). According to the release, “…GSI, for the first time established 5.9 million tonnes inferred resources (G3) of lithium in the Salal-Haimana area of […]

India’s Fastest-Growing Economy Despite the Global Downturn: IMF

India Fastest Growing Economy

Listen to Podcast: According to projections made by the International Monetary Fund, the rate of expansion of the Indian economy is expected to slow to 6.1% in 2023, down from 6.8% in 2022. (IMF). Read Also: Global Economy Recession According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the good news is that India will continue to […]

Google Warns About Health and Finance AI Content

Google Warns Health and Finance AI Content

Listen to Podcast: In the midst of Google’s preparations to launch its very own chatbot-integrated search feature — a major push to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT-integrated Bing — the search giant has quietly issued some new warnings to publishers who are interested in running AI-generated content. These warnings pertain to Google’s guidelines for how publishers […]

Google Meet Now Supports Captions on Video Recording

Google Meet

Listen to Podcast: According to a business announcement made on Wednesday, Google Meet has received an update that adds support for subtitles on video recordings. The translated caption function of Google Meet was initially released in January of the previous year, but at the time, it was only available for live meetings. Read More: WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp Introduces New Status Features: Everything you Need to Know

WhatsApp New Status Features

Listen to Podcast: The status function on WhatsApp has received a number of ‘interesting’ enhancements recently, including the ability for users to record and post voice messages to their status, as well as other improvements. Read Also: Whatsapp New Feature to Share Audio Notes “We’ve introduced some intriguing new enhancements to the status feature, and […]

How to Save Money Smartly after 30?

How to Save Money?

Listen to Podcast: Learning how to save money after the age of 30 requires a different set of skills than when you were younger. All of a sudden, the future supersedes the present in terms of importance, and we are required to handle it in accordance with its elevated status. For this reason, it is […]

A Detailed Look at 1StopBedrooms: Is It Worth Your Time?

1StopBedrooms Reviews

So, you are considering buying furniture online but wondering if 1StopBedrooms is the right store for you. You’ve heard good things but want to hear more before making a purchase. We’re here to give you the inside scoop on 1StopBedrooms. We’ll review the store’s products, prices, delivery times, and more. We’ll help you decide if […]

Top Slots Games You Can Play Right Now

Top Slots Games

Slot games are the most popular casino games you can access. This is because of its wide variety, where you can always find a game that suits you. Casinos have existed since the 17th century, and it was only in the 20th century that they became widely popular.  The number of slot games is constantly […]