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Where to Start When Learning Coding: The First Steps?

Best Way to Learn Coding

Programming is one of the most popular areas of work today. A lot of people want to start coding or to change their specialization to it. Yet, if you have never tried coding, it can seem complicated. Programming needs you to understand how computers work and learn programming languages. Choosing the languages is difficult. So, […]

World Hypertension Day 2022: Know History, Theme and Significance of this Day

World Hypertension Day

The 17 May is World Hypertension Day. It is a day to raise awareness about hypertension and its symptoms. Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, occurs when the blood pressure exceeds 140/90, which is not healthy. When the reading exceeds 180/120, the patient is deemed to be in danger. Over a billion individuals worldwide […]

Why Most of Millionaire CEOs Wear Sneakers?

Millionaire CEOs

Do you know the reason why do the world’s most of the millionaire CEOs wear sneakers? Are the sneakers worn by millionaire CEOs the secret to their success? It seems so, or at least it is something that almost everything has in common within their “uniforms”. Sneakers are no longer just for sports, they are everywhere even […]

Summer Decor Ideas: 5 Tips to Brighten Your Home

Home decoration

Summer decorating ideas are all about bringing joy and happiness into the home while also honoring the season’s colors and sights. Summer is a wonderful time that brings happy memories for many, whether spent at home in the backyard or traveling to foreign climates, so why not bring some of that enjoyment into our interiors? […]