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Shaft-drive E-bike – All You Should Know

Shaft-drive E-bike

There is a process through which a bike transfer energy from the engine to the rear wheel. This is often accompanied by a change in motion in the shaft drive. However, a bike can have a chain, belt, or shaft drive, different bike models are designed with the particular drive type that is best suitable […]

CBD Laws in the US


In the United States, the laws relating to hemp and hemp-derived products are constantly changing. Therefore, you should seek legal advice before selling these products online, as the hosting platforms cannot provide legal advice on what products you can sell and where you can sell them. Besides, as a customer, you can buy the best […]

Amazon to Send Satellites into Orbit for Broadband Connections

Amazon rockets for satellite deployment

As part of Amazon’s Project Kuiper, three new heavy-lift rockets will launch thousands of satellites into low-Earth orbit over the next five years. A constellation of 3,236 satellites will be used in the project to deliver broadband access. Starlink, a competitor, is believed to have more than 2,300 satellites already in orbit. Arianespace, Blue Origin […]

Skyscanner ksa Promo Code for Saving an Immense Amount with Flight Booking 

Skyscanner ksa Promo Code

Skyscanner Saudi Arabia, one of the most famous global sites for booking airline tickets, hotels, and others, will ensure that you will get the option of booking without burning a hole in your pocket. Be ready to enjoy the easier and more enjoyable trip with Skyscanner offers. The Skyscanner ksa promo code will let you get access […]

Why Full Pink Moon Happens and When it’ll be Visible?

Pink Moon 2022

The Pink Full Moon will be seen in the sky on Saturday, April 16 and it will continue till Monday, April 17, providing an Easter treat for stargazers. This astrological phenomena will not only be visible for a moment or a night, but for the entire weekend. The term “full moon” refers to a lunar […]

The Biggest and Most Memorable IPL Matches of All Time


The Indian Premier League is one of the most awaited cricket tournaments each year. If there is any country that has so much love for the sport, it is India. The IPL is not just about the best Indian cricketers but also international or foreign players that cricket fans love. Aside from the teams and […]

Things to Know When Opening an Online Savings Account

Online Savings Account

Opening a savings account has a lot of benefits. Whether you are building an emergency fund or saving for your next big purchase, a savings account can help your money grow. With many banks offering the option to open an account online, you can easily open an account from the comfort of your home. But […]

Twitter Board Must be Worried about Other Bidders: Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said on Sunday that other potential bidders should worry the Twitter board more than him, who has made a fair offer to buy 100% of the microblogging network for $43 billion. He was responding to a Twitter follower who claimed that the business’s board of directors has […]

5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Production Company

Hiring a Video Production Company

If you’re looking to produce professional, high-quality videos that help you reach your audience, you’ll want to ensure you hire the right video production company. The number of options available Los angeles video production can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know what factors should be most important in your search. These five questions will […]

How to Identify The Ideal Digital Marketing Agency For Your Needs

Ideal Digital Marketing Agency

Bringing in a digital marketing agency to work as part of your team is the best way to drive successful digital marketing campaigns and achieve your goals. Testimonials, a wide range of marketing services, and a successful portfolio are some of the features of a good digital marketing agency. Since you will be forming a […]

How to Make Mexican Chicken Rice Recipe?

Authentic Mexican Chicken Recipes

Mexican Chicken Rice Mexican Chicken Rice is a one-pot dinner that is quick to prepare. If you like chicken, this quick and easy meal will become a family favorite. Cooking Time: Prep time: 10 MINUTES   Cook time: 15 MINUTES   Total time: 25 MINUTES Ingredients of Mexican Chicken Rice 5-6 chicken pieces 1 cups chicken broth 1/2 […]

8 New Movies and TV Shows on Netflix and Hulu

8 New Movies and Shows on Netflix and Hulu

What should you watch this weekend? If you’re planning a spring break binge, you’re in luck since Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, and other streaming services have a slew of new movies and episodes available to watch. The Kardashians, the latest reality series from America’s most renowned celebrity family, headlines this weekend’s lineup. It’s […]