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​​The Art of Writing: Different Genres You Can Use To Write Your Next Essay

Essay Writing Genres Guide

Essay writing is a space for writers to use their creative skills and writing capability. This way, you can show the world what you want to express through your own sets of words and lines. Furthermore, writing gives you that space where you can build your characters and put them into action. 

You can make them walk, talk, drink coffee, and so on. And you showcase different emotions. Furthermore, those terms of displaying emotions are categorized into genres of writing. Each genre has its own way of expressing ideas and showcases the worldview of the writers.  

Consequently, if you want to choose a genre for your next essay, then you can look at the next section. We will discuss many genres, which will help to create your own world of characters and their actions.  

Different Genres To Use In The Essay Writing 

Different genres have certain characteristics that help writers express their views and emotions. That way, different genres bring different things to the reader’s plate, offer diversity to readers, and make them understand your viewpoints.  

Here is a view of different genres that can be used in essay writing, as stated by WriteMyEssays –  

Magic Realism  

We have read Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Salman Rushdie, which showcase the magic of magic realism. It is like a monkey drinking Coca-Cola sitting on a tree to make you understand like a five-year-old child. Hence, you can understand it blurs the line between reality and fantasy.  

You can take normal events from the world and add some fantasy to it. That will help you frame new characters and build better stories around them. So, if you are into a fantasy world and wonder how the world will look with a different voice, you can use magic realism. This will give new direction to your writing style.  

Dystopian Reality  

“Big Brother is watching you,” as mentioned in the book “1984” by George Orwell, you can understand what a dystopian society is. It refers to a society where evils control every process and dehumanize people to maintain terror and authority over them. That way, you can use the dystopian way of writing to create your essay. You can set your own characters and storyline to draw readers and how the hero overcomes it.

You can also take the example from famous novels like Hunger Games and Dune, which showcase dystopian society in a brilliant manner. This will enhance your writing and creative skills. So, you can sit back and try to figure out a dystopian society and add new aesthetics to it. For more, you can read Michel Foucault’s “Power and Knowledge.” This will help to create better characters, add better context to your writing, and enhance your essay writing.  


Realism seeks to offer a real view of the world, where you see the world as itself. There is no twisted reality or fantasy to confuse the readers’ minds. The writer establishes a connection by giving real views of their lives or conditions. For example, if you read Hemingway, you will see a real viewpoint of the world. It may seem harsh, but it is the truth. Likewise, you will find such an essence in Thomas Hardy’s book.  

In those works, reality creates a connection with the outer world, i.e., readers. Therefore, you can showcase the real events in your writing. That way, you can touch on the matter of nihilism and existentialism in the paper, just like Dostoevsky’s writings. Consequently, you need to understand current situations honestly, and it will become a literary masterpiece.   


When we are talking about genres, how can we miss out on Albert Camus? His writings have led to the formation of a new genre, absurdism. It refers to a world where humans lead a purposeless and chaotic life. Furthermore, they look to search for meaning to add purpose to their life, but in the end, there is no meaning. Therefore, you see bizarre events and characters popping up every now and then.  

Certainly, you can do the same by choosing absurdity as a theme to write your essay. You can write about the things that are pointless and meaningless and create a story around them. Even though it may seem ridiculous or lucid, in some ways, you will be able to showcase your worldview to the world. Furthermore, you can add more depth by creating opening sentences: “mother died today or yesterday, I don’t know.” This will impact the reader’s mind and curiosity to understand you more.


We all have grown up reading Three Musketeers, Don Quixote, and Treasure Island. All these books keep us at edge and excite our minds. Therefore, you can add the adventure theme to your writing style. It is something that we always, as you get a scope of adding every human-like love, anger, hate, and happiness. Also, you can add some romance to it to make it more gripping.  

In addition, you can add a hero and villain and a gripping storyline to capture readers’ minds. Suspense is a key element of the adventure theme. Eventually, you need to compose such characters that will add depth to the essay writing. You can also touch some underlying tones of morality and ethics to make the adventure purposeful. You can also take Tintin as your reference point to create your adventure story to captivate your readers. Lastly, don’t forget to add some humor to the writing.  

Genres Are An Escape For Writers 

In the end, we can say that even writers need an escape. Therefore, they take refuge in different genres to put forth their stories and characters in action. Also, it enables them to use their creativity and critical thinking skills to build excellent stories to print and captivate readers’ minds.  

So, you can take examples from the following genres mentioned in the above discussion. They will certainly test your interest levels and writing ability and eventually help you to find your genre to keep on writing essays and later novels.

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