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Sri Lanka Cabinet Resigns En Masse Amid Crisis

Sri Lanka economic crisis

Crisis-hit anti-government rallies in Sri Lanka grew despite curfews, Sri Lanka’s cabinet resigned en masse from their positions at a late-night meeting Sunday, the education minister claimed. Apart from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his elder brother Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, all 26 ministers resigned, according to education minister Dinesh Gunawardena. “All of the ministers have […]

Heartbreaking to See the Despair of People: Kumar Sangakkara on Sri Lanka’s Crisis

Kumar Sangakkara

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing one of its worst economic crises in decades, as the country grapples with difficulties such as a lack of basic commodities and rising prices, among other things. As citizens continue to struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s government has been heavily chastised […]

Imran Khan Kept Pakistan’s Record Intact

Imran Khan

From that Liaquat Ali Khan to today’s Imran Khan, no Prime Minister of Pakistan has so far completed his tenure in power. No other country in the world has this record. Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated. Several prime ministers have been ousted by the army. Pakistan’s army has always been a […]

Angel Number 7: Meaning, Symbolism, and All You Need to Know

Angel Number 7

Angel Number 7 Meaning – Angels support and guide us through our journey in a variety of unique ways. Angel number 7 is one of the most unusual spiritual numbers, and it is one of the most astounding ways in which they interact with humans. However, the meaning of angel number 7 is unknown. A […]

6 Dead, 10 Injured in California Shooting: Police

California Shooting

At least 16 people were shot early Sunday in downtown Sacramento, California, six of whom died, and police said no suspects had been apprehended. Several streets in downtown Sacramento, just blocks from the state Capitol building and the Golden 1 Center, where the Sacramento Kings NBA team plays, were closed as officers responded to the […]

Pakistan National Parliament Dissolved as PM Imran Khan Calls for New Elections

Imran Khan

Pakistan’s president disbanded the National Assembly on Sunday, preventing Prime Minister Imran Khan from being deposed after a no-confidence resolution was rejected by the legislative body’s deputy speaker. “The president of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, has approved the prime minister’s advice to dissolve the National Assembly,” Alvi’s office stated in a statement. As a result […]

Investor Zach Witkoff Catalyzes Technological Evolution of Real Estate

Investor Zach Witkoff Catalyzes

Innovation is at the core of human evolution. Throughout history, we have found ways to make up for the limitations of our bodies by coming up with ingenious extensions of them. That’s technology: the materialization of our solutions to problems. We can’t turn back from it; it’s part of who we are now. Industries and […]