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YouTube Blocks All Contents Tied to Russian State Media

Youtube Logo

In its latest move to combat misinformation and favor “trusted” news sources, YouTube stated Friday that it is now eliminating all content with ties to Russian state-funded media. “Our employees have now removed over 1,000 channels and over 15,000 videos for breaching not only our hate speech policy, but also our standards on misinformation, graphic […]

Meta Defends Policy on Calls for Violence that Angered Russia

Facebook’s owner, Meta, said on Friday that a temporary change in its content policy, effective only in Ukraine, was required to allow users to express their opposition to Russia’s attack, after Russia filed a criminal complaint after the company said it would allow posts like “death to the Russian invaders.” Russian prosecutors have requested that […]

Russia-Ukraine War: Satellite Imagery Shows Devastated Houses

Ukraine map

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, a satellite image tweeted by @detresfa – a worldwide researcher with The Intel Lab, which contains detailed analysis by geopolitical intelligence professionals – shows how the conflict has wreaked havoc on the eastern European country. The image, which was shared on Twitter, shows miles of farmland covered with ‘burn […]

Why Buying Instagram Followers is Becoming Famous among People?

Grow Your Brand Using Instagram

Anybody who’s been on online media realizes how strong it tends to be for organizations to be on web-based media. Be that as it may, with regards to advertising a brand, Instagram is by all accounts the champ with its all-visual plan. Truth is told, around 40% of clients answer much preferred to visual substance […]

PG Slot – The Best Place to Practice Your Gambling Skills

Play Online Slots

If you are new to gambling and want to practice your skills without risking your money, try playing SLOT PG for free online. Most casinos will offer you a free trial of their games before you actually deposit any money. The best part about playing free slot machines is that you won’t even have to […]