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Don’t Get Caught in the Cold: 10 Ways to Optimize Vehicle Safety

Optimize Vehicle Safety

With winter fast approaching, it’s crucial to start preparing for the snow and the cold. Most people take steps to button up their home for energy savings (like weather stripping on the windows and cleaning the chimney), and it’s just as important to get your vehicle ready for the winter and optimize vehicle safety. Getting […]

6 Reasons You Need to Change Your Current Manual Payroll Process

Payroll System

Your company’s payroll system plays an important role in keeping your staff, finances, and accounting records organized and up-to-date. The old-fashioned way of doing things involved the manual data entry of employee data into payroll processing software via Excel spreadsheets; it was time-consuming and prone to human error. Luckily, advances in technology mean that you […]

10 Best Baby Girl Christmas Dresses For FamilyShoot

Best Baby Girl Christmas Dresses

Taking a family photoshoot is a relatively common Christmas tradition nowadays. It is indeed a great way to capture the heartwarming spirit of this holiday and strengthen the bonds between everyone in your family. It’s even more meaningful if this year is your baby girl’s first Christmas. Her first family photo will stay forever in […]

6 Steps to Register a Company in Cambodia 2021

How to be an entrepreneur

Due to the cheap labor costs and rapidly growing economy, more and more foreigners are choosing to register company in Cambodia. Traditionally, Cambodia has been an ideal location for businesses in the textile industry seeking to outsource the more labor-intensive portion of their production to reduce costs. However, in recent years, the Cambodian government has […]

Facebook’s Corporate Name has been Changed to ‘Meta’

Mark Zuckerberg is now chairman and CEO of Meta. As the parent company of Facebook’s social services and AR/VR businesses, the renamed Meta is meant to reflect Zuckerberg’s positioning of the firm as centered on “metaverse” experiences and services, which he believes will reach 1 billion people in the next decade. “Our aim stays the […]