NYs fashion weeks real women
Today we present you a little extraordinary publication: dressing guests who attend the New York Fashion Week, though not the best, and not the most tasteless. Selection of these photos is reflected in the style of fashion journalists, editors, editors, models, and mere fashion trends, which were directed to work schedule, the dress of this day is not likely to be seen in the well-known photographers, but they look perfectly perfect.

It is important to note that most of them do not have a brand luxury clothes, nor any fashion house. They simply demonstrate their style, come with some trendy items and consider it all comfortably fit and loaded in New York.
Gucci Cruise 2019 campaign
Gucci Cruise 2019 campaign: Gucci Gothic
Advertising Campaign of GUCCI Cruise Collection, or Michelle's Ark

Alessandro was much more generous in Biblical Noah and took a lot of sheep, hares, and cows in the campaign. His ark has a lot of animals and models that have come in the 2019 cruise, or the clothes for the transition period of the winter and summer seasons. We do not even want to imagine his imagination whereby the Flood of Mikel