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Twitter Lawsuit Against Elon Musk: Judge Made Rare Ruling

Elon Musk

The judge who is in charge of Twitter Inc.’s $44 billion lawsuit against Elon Musk is known for being tough, and he or she is also one of the few judges who has ever forced a reluctant buyer to close a U.S. corporate merger, reports Reuters. Last year, Kathaleen McCormick became the first woman to […]

Tips to Care for Your Pets in the Summer


This time of year, the summer heat can be especially harsh. We can protect ourselves from the heat by drinking a lot of water, staying inside, and putting on sunscreen. But it’s just as important during these months not to forget about our furry friends. With temperatures going up, it’s important that your pets have […]

How to Prevent Osteoporosis? [All You Need to Know]


If you don’t want to be an old man with weak bones that could break with every step, you should make a lot of changes to your lifestyle. So, you must know about how to prevent osteoporosis. You’ll feel young though you’re an adult and follow the tips to keep your bones from getting weak.  […]

Facebook’s New Test Allowing People to Use 5 Profiles

As part of a test, Facebook will permit certain users to have multiple profiles, the company announced today, suggesting a dramatic move as Meta seeks new methods to keep users on the platform in the face of rising competition from rivals. As part of the test, certain Facebook users will be able to link up […]

Bill Gates Donates $20 Billion, to Lose World’s Wealthiest Title

Bill gates

Bill Gates is about to give the most money he has ever given away. The businessman is putting $20 billion into the account of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he started with his ex-wife Melinda French Gates. The foundation helps with many things, like helping disaster-stricken areas or making health care better in […]

6 US States Where Online Casinos Are Legal

Best Games in Online Casinos

Not every state in the US is allowed to gamble online. There are legal restrictions to stop websites from advertising or permitting users, in those states, from accessing their platforms. If you have a VPN, you may accidentally break the law by playing casino games while in one of these states. To help you avoid […]

15 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet under $100 in 2023

Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

If you want the best vacuum cleaner for Carpet under $100, it may seem like you have to give up a lot in terms of performance. But vacuums have become less expensive and can do almost as many things as their more expensive counterparts. You can find the best vacuum cleaners for carpet under $100, […]

Getting Your Business off The Ground

Business Process Automation

The rising cost of living is hitting Brits hard, and many are now weighing up their options to make their cash go further. Some are changing their careers; others are investing in Cryptocurrency and some are even taking a second job to make ends meet. Starting a new business is another popular path many Brits […]