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Weekly Horoscope for August 1 to 7, 2022

weekly horoscope for August 1 to 7, 2022

Find the most precise predictions about love, health, job, family, and money in the Weekly Horoscope for August 1 to 7, 2022 of the 12 zodiac signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo.

Prepare to systematize now! We have three weeks to get our lives in gear before mental Mercury holds a homecoming parade through Virgo, its native territory, on Thursday.

Too much information stored in your head?

That will only lead to stress. By synchronizing calendars and automating where you can, you can bring order to the chaos. Utilize safe apps that can assist you in maintaining organization. Set up automatic bill payments, savings transfers, and other monthly recurring actions. Writing things down and making plans ahead of time may help you establish and maintain new habits when the communication planet is in this wholesome zodiac sign. But maintain simplicity! Avoid social settings that make you more anxious. When faced with a decision and experiencing analysis paralysis, take a step back and conduct additional research.

Weekend Musings

Is true love real, or is it all just a dream? Boundaries dissolve when ardent Venus weaves a web with fantasy-agent Neptune.

This weekend, the emotions are heating up

On Monday, empathetic Neptune, who is parked in your underground twelfth house, gives delicate Venus a warm embrace. Your heart chakra may be completely opened by this, encouraging you to be open TO amorous advances from others. Give yourself the time and space you need to write, doodle, snap pictures, or improvise a dance routine with YouTube potential after listening to this dynamic duo. Don’t, however, pay attention to “production” values. Just draw from your own vast reserve of creative ideas.

Be aware of your budgetary limitations

Especially when it comes to other people. Additionally on Sunday, Mars in your financial zone and structure-loving Saturn will clash in your eleventh house of collaboration. Conflict may result from disparate spending and saving strategies. Perhaps you no longer care to foot the bill for the relative who consistently refuses your CashApp requests. Or perhaps you’d rather that money be gathered in a more savvy way if it were the other way around. While you’re getting everyone on board with your “sharing economy” strategy, you could even run for treasurer yourself.

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Can you get rich by doing what you love? Monday, August 1 Horoscope, if the stars have anything to say about it, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Your ruler, Mars, is a fiery, get-it-done planet. He hosts an extremely rare meeting with the innovative planet Uranus and the North Node, which is ruled by fate. Don’t know where to start? Don’t go so far out of your normal routine. “It’s hard to find someone who’s successful and doesn’t like what they do,” said author Malcolm Gladwell. What do you do so easily and naturally that charging for it almost seems silly? There, look. A fun thing to do for a week might be to write down what you do every hour, with a focus on how you spend your free time. Putting together plans for your group of friends whenever you have a free moment?

Maybe you’re meant to work in the entertainment business. Do you secretly and obsessively rearrange the books in your living room bookcases so that they are in the right order by color? You might want to work in the graphic or interior design world. Even if this isn’t a full-time job at first, you could turn your skills into a side gig or find a way to work something you REALLY enjoy into your daily life.


Since May 2018, when sideways-spinning Uranus moved into your sign, life has been moving at an unpredictable pace. Even though you’re finally getting used to the changes, it’s been hard to get behind the wheel. This week, Bull, the chaos and chaos could reach its peak, and it could do so in a very exciting way. On Monday, August 1, a very rare meeting between Uranus, Mars, which is all about getting things done, and the North Node, which is all about fate, could show a path that is perfect for Taurus.

How to do well on this? Don’t be so stubborn and refuse to change! This trio will set you free, if not make you a full-on revolutionary. Bulls who have been flying under the radar could be pushed into the spotlight or given a bigger leadership role. Look out, world, if you’ve been holding yourself back. Choose the choice that will help YOU. And remember that there is no reward without risk.


However, keep a watch out because Sunday might drop a few truth bombs. Saturn, which is firmly positioned in your ninth house of morality, reprimands aggressive Mars in your twelfth house of imagination. The 90-degree angle between the two planets creates a change-instigating square that makes you reevaluate your idealistic visions.

Gambling is OK so long as the hazards are understood. But it would be a pretty bad idea to leap without a safety net. People could let you down midweek, but did you give them too much authority to begin with? Let this serve as a reminder to become your own guru. And perhaps to give up looking for perfection in other frail humans If you keep looking for that, you’ll always be let down!


Cancer, there is strength and synergy in numbers! And your primary task this Monday, August 1, is to align with the right people—that is, people who share your vision and values. What is the reason for this? An extremely rare link between the go-getter Mars, the community-spirited Uranus, and the fateful North Node. The trio conjuncts in Taurus, energizing your eleventh house of collaboration, technology, and all things futuristic. Put your hat in the ring…or just be open.

Exciting collaborations could emerge at any time. Even better? Some truly fascinating iconoclasts may choose you for their team. Maintain some criteria, however. You admire renegades, but you are also a cardinal sign who works well within established rules and structures. The good news is that you’re a natural leader, so don’t be afraid to play Alpha to get a promising crew to play in a higher league.


The ceiling cannot support a Leo on Monday, August 1! The universe is sending EXTREMELY LOUD messages about your life path thanks to an extremely rare triumvirate of make-it-happen Mars, experimental Uranus, and destiny-driven North Node—all in Taurus and your career zone. You must not apologize for your ambition. Someone will take the brass ring. Why shouldn’t you be the one? This planetary squabble will not allow you to fly under the radar or avoid competitive situations because you don’t want to upset the apple cart. Throw your crown in the ring if you feel the call to leadership (and you know you do). A slew of emotions, as well as resistance to change, are unavoidable. But that is no excuse for playing small!


Virgo, keep your WhatsApp alerts on! On Monday, August 1, chances could come from all over the world because of an extremely rare alignment of three planets: Mars, which makes things happen, Uranus, which makes changes, and the North Node, which points to the future. As they fly first-class through Taurus and your global ninth house, you can’t help but think about where on the goddess’ green Earth you’d like to drop your next pin. But before you can choose between Seoul and Santiago, you might get a chance to go somewhere else.

Even though your field is wide open, you should think about your life path. People will come up with business ideas all the time, and one of them might be worth trying out as a side job. A media project you’re working on might take off, or you might sign up for a class that will get you a pay raise. If you’re happy with your 9-to-5 job, you should think like a “intrapreneur.” Make a pitch for a project or ask someone to put you forward for a position on the board. Behave as if you own it because in a figurative sense, you probably do. Then take control!


Oh my goodness, Libra! As passionate Mars conjuncts energizing Uranus AND the fate-fueling North Node in Taurus and your ninth house of sex, investments, and shared goods, the week gets off to a fairly extreme start. You desire what you desire right away! Few would dare to say “no” to you because of your enhanced seduction abilities. Just be careful what you wish for since it can come true very quickly. Even the most fantastical wishes have a cost. You can end up with a big bill and a ton of obligations you don’t want to take on if you get into a scenario out of sheer passion or your own competitive inclinations.

Mercury will enter Virgo on Thursday, activating your subconscious area until August 25. You’ll be able to start clearing the decks if that’s what you need to do. Over the next six months, you’ll also have the chance to look at past habits, vices, and connections that don’t match with your current way of life.


I am unable to live with them or without them. This Monday, August 1, as the fate-finding North Node aligns with combative Mars and explosive Uranus in Taurus and your seventh house of committed unions, you’ll feel that dynamic tension brewing. Frustration that has been festering below the surface can suddenly erupt. Even though you don’t want to hurt anyone in your rage, trying to handle this diplomatically won’t help.

This is a powerful day to voice the things that need need change, if you can frame this as “an issue” as opposed to a catastrophe that warrants a code-red. Apply this to all of your relationships: romantic, professional, familial, and collaborative projects. For your initial outburst, it could be advisable to find a cool-headed third party, depending on where you stand on the rage-o-meter. This activity is intended to clear the air, not the space. Mercury takes over as concierge this Thursday, winging into Virgo and your “more the merrier” eleventh house until August 25 if you’ve been waiting for your summer socializing to ramp up.


Prepare to multitask, Sagittarius, for on Monday, August 1, the fateful North Node aligns with Mars and creative Uranus, bringing demands for your time from all directions. the positive news You’ll be able to come up with fresh ideas on the spot and present well-thought-out answers. No matter how impressive this is, remember to take care of yourself.

It’s up to you to ask for a break when you need one, such to eat lunch or just to be alone. This week, stress levels may increase swiftly, especially given the demanding schedule you’ll have to follow. Even if it’s just for five minutes when you’re dozing off in the backseat of your Lyft, declutter your mind with a guided meditation. There are helpful people all around you, but they might not immediately offer their assistance. Ask for help when you need it!

Messenger Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, bestowing you with its rhetorical dexterity until August 25. Your mouth frequently speaks before your head, but you’ll have the gift of gab if the cosmic communicator is in charge of your PR department.


Do you want to take a chilly shower? When the tragic North Node meets molten Mars and freed Uranus at the same degree of Taurus and your passionate fifth house on Monday, August 1, you might just need one. You won’t be the only person who will require an icy spray, though. Anyone who comes into contact with you will undoubtedly experience a blast of your attractive energy since you will be radiating such heat. If you’re not careful, your passion might make people back off.

Look out world if your mojo has been in slow motion! The locked diary may find this to be a very, eh, experimental week for you. You might make art, fall in love, start a war, or any number of expressive cosmic trifecta. (Respect your temper.) You won’t have the best impulse control in any scenario. There is a fine line between love and hate, and romantic inclinations have the potential to shoot off at a gallop. Capricorn, go ahead and flirt, but take a temperature first. You might not realize how powerful you are.

Your ninth house of travel and development is in the sign of Virgo on Thursday as messenger Mercury enters the sign. This gives you great thoughts about where you might go (and grow!) next.


How to find the right balance between work and life? For a busy Aquarius, this is the question that will always be on their mind. But don’t make yourself so thin that gauze if you try to reach that balance. Stop, drop, and get your center instead. This Monday, August 1, the fate-setting North Node meets up with crazy Mars and your ruler, chaotic Uranus. And since they are both in Taurus and your grounded, emotional fourth house, you need to take care of Water Bearer base camp: full stop. Anyone who doesn’t get why you need a day to yourself might not belong in your personal life. (Note how people respond.) Unexpectedly, a family member or a property matter may take up a huge amount of your time. Or, you might get a crazy idea that it’s time to remodel the bathroom, rent out the guest room on Airbnb, or build a tiny house in the backyard. If you get one of these ideas, you can’t stop yourself, but make sure you look (and look again three times) before you jump.

Mercury, the planet of communication, blazes into Virgo on Thursday, sending a jolt of electricity through your eighth house of traveling until August 25. Not only will you have a lot of feelings, but you’ll have no trouble admitting it—maybe even in an iambic pentameter love sonnet!


This week, Pisces, you’ll go right to work—possibly rushing in more places than a normal mortal should. Do not, however, slam on the brakes! The ultra-rare conjunction of Mars, the planet of action, Uranus, the planet of change, and the North Node, the planet of destiny, is the source of this one-day force. Their summit occurs on August 1st in Taurus, your third house of cooperation and communication. What OUGHT you to DO? Find the commonalities in every talk. The future? One degree (or less) of separation might separate you from your future podcasting partner, workout companion, or ride-sharing team. Keep in mind that bouncing an idea is not the same as committing to it. Capture as many of those “wild hares” as you can on your whiteboard with the boosted brainstorming powers this cosmic trio brings. Despite how absurd they may sound, a handful of them might be closer than you think to your “life path” mark!

On Thursday, sociable Mercury moves into Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships, creating even another draw toward collaboration. Give your deepest desires voice between now and August 25. Just be careful not to become overly demanding or critical if your potential love interest doesn’t blow you away on the first pitch. Even if you’ve sworn off partnerships, playful Mercury will ignite your instinctive need to combine, and you won’t be able to avoid explosive duetting. Attached? The key challenge is to maintain the intensity and intrigue while strengthening the commitment and trust.

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