UK49s Playing from South Africa ― A Complete Guide

Want to play UK49s from South Africa, but do not know how to play? This article will provide you complete information about how to bet in this game from South Africa.

UK49s is the most played game that has its deeper roots in the United Kingdom. In the UK, it is a good idea for people to bet while they are on their lunch break. The hope of winning and the essence of quickly becoming rich attracts most people into such games.

The game is mainly associated with the UK however, multiple countries have access to it through an online system. Many online available sites enable people to participate in this lotto game from far-flung areas.

Play UK49s Online in South Africa:

South Africa is among such countries where people have access to UK49s via online bookmakers. There are several ways to play this game as in many betting games it happens.

People have different choices regarding what they want to predict and bet upon. Similarly, this game has many features of playing which depend upon the bookmaker, what he offers you. Moreover, the game is more associated with lottery than betting because there are more chances of winning.

How to play UK49s?

In South Africa, you cannot play this game during lunchtime in retail shops but you can play online by using different sites. You need to purchase a ticket from your choice of bookmaker.

Then, you have to decide how many draws you want to bet either six or seven. Let me tell you the difference between six and seven draws. Although in both you have to match 5 balls to win the lottery however in the seven draw option you have a bonus ball that is not included in the six draw offer.

After that, choose the betting amount and how many numbers you would like to match. Keep in mind that you have to match all the numbers that you choose.

For instance, if you go for one match then you have to match one draw with odds to win, if choosing two then you have to match two, and so on. If you failed to match all the numbers, you will lose.

Bet and win ratios:

Let me guide you regarding the betting system and win prizes of UK49s.

In most betting games the win amount depends upon the betting amount but in this case, there are some variations. In this game, the betting amount is not only responsible for determining the winning prize rather the picked numbers also affect it.

Let’s consider if you are betting R10 and you selected one pick (which means you will only predict for one ball) and if it matches with the draw you will be given R60 by the odds of 6/1. Keep in mind this is for the six draw option.

Similarly, if choose two picks it will be 66/1 means you will get R660. Here you can see that the betting amount is the same but by increasing picks and matching all the picks you can increase the win amount.

Moreover, let me remind you that for the seven draw option it becomes easier to predict but the prize amount will be lowered due to more winning chances. Also, the odds are decided by the betting organization so before betting, check odds.

Last Words:

This article helps you to know how the UK49s Lunchtime and Teatime played in South Africa through an online system. Hopefully, you have got hold of the tips for playing this game online.

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