Top 8 Twitch Casino Streamers in 2022

Thanks to advances in cameras and streaming technology, people around the world can tune in and watch people playing all types of casino games online. This fun style of entertainment lets anyone feel involved in the action and come along for the ride. In this article, we look at the 8 most popular casino streamers on Twitch.

What is Twitch?

The Twitch streaming website allows users to watch other people record live streams of popular video games, slots, events, and more. These streams take place in real-time and are uploaded directly from users across the globe. This is done through a web browser, and it is free for all users.

The platform was created in 2011 and is currently owned by Amazon. It’s one of the most popular websites in the world and receives approximately 1.2 billion visitors monthly. Users can subscribe and enjoy flawless streams on Twitch of their favorite streamers with interesting content, chat with other spectators while watching, send gifts and tips, and enjoy a unique style of online video entertainment.

Watch Cool Casino Content on the Best Streams

One of the coolest things about watching Twitch casino streams is the level of action that takes place. While most casino players don’t have big budgets and must enjoy games within their range, the best casino streams offer a glimpse into a high-stakes world.

Many of the top streams focus on bonus buy slots, with streamers paying large amounts of money to buy their way into the free spins feature on the latest slot titles. This allows viewers to come along for the ride, and witness the intense highs and lows that accompany this level of gambling.

The casino streamers on Twitch also showcase other types of games, including live dealers. Viewers can join the streams and watch players make large bets on live games of Baccarat, Blackjack, Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Poker, Roulette, and more.

Popular Twitch streamers play on some of the coolest casinos in the world, which provide a fantastic gaming experience irrespective of where you are playing from. These international online casino sites are regularly featured thanks to their excellent game variety, perfect for creating entertaining slot clips.

8 Most Popular Twitch Casino Streamers

So who are the most popular casino streamers on Twitch? We’ve compiled a list of the leading profiles based on their follower count in 2022. These are the best users to subscribe to for various casino videos each week.

1. TheRealMarzaa

Topping the list of the most popular casino streamer on Twitch is ‘TheRealMarzaa’. This Italian gained most of his followers while playing popular video games like FIFA and Spiderman. Recently, he switched to becoming a casino streamer and recorded some successful clips that fans love. Some of his bonus buy and slot videos accumulate over 200,000 views in less than a week, showing just how popular he is.

2. Roshtein

Rosenstein is immensely popular and comes in 2nd place. However, unlike TheRealMarzaa, all Roshetein’s subscribers are for his casino content. He’s been on the platform since 2016 and has built up nearly 1,000,000 followers, averaging around 200,000 per year. People love his content, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s had some gigantic wins over the years, including $16,000,000 on Wanted Dead or a Wild, and $5,000,000 on Tasty Treats. Casino fans that love high stakes and high-risk gambling will enjoy watching Roshstein’s casino streams on Twitch.

3. Stevewillsendit

Stevewillsendit comes in third on the list, with 762,000 followers and growing. This streamer has built up a reputation for playing high-stakes online slots, and big entry bonus buys. Many of his top clips feature insane sessions, where he chases bonuses with a $50,000 or $100,000 starting balance. Many subscribers watch his clips to learn more about online casinos and discover which games are the best in the industry.

4. Xposed

Xposed is another popular streamer who’s just surpassed the half-million follower mark. Currently, he has 502,000 subscribers, and he posts regular casino slots streams for this growing audience. The man behind the stream is Cody, who’s in his twenties and has been active on Twitch for seven years. Like many others in the top 10 list, he focuses on high-stakes gambling, with some sessions starting on a $1,000,000 balance! He loves playing the latest slot games with massive feature buys on titles like Wanted Dead or a Wild, and Dame Destiny Megaways.

5. ClassyBeef

ClassyBeef is a funny-sounding channel run by a team of seven Twitch casino streamers close to hitting 250,000 followers. Right now, they have 249,000 people who watch their regular gambling clips. This channel has multiple people involved, with Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Freddie, and Max jumping on screen at different times during the week. This rotating roster style allows the channel to operate in multiple time zones, showcasing big slot wins, wheel spins, bonus buys, and more. Their channel experienced significant growth during the pandemic when interest in online casinos increased during Covid.

6. Teuf

Teuf is another streamer who’s been growing in popularity with Twitch casino fans. He’s amassed 247,000 subscribers who love his fresh content. He’s located in France and records mid-stakes gambling clips, and hits the slots with a balance over $5,000. Most of his fans tune in to watch him stream for 2-3 hours and play multiple slot games simultaneously. Some slots he likes to stream include Treasure Wild, Magician’s Secret, Fat Banker, and The Dog House.

7. DeuceAce

DeuceAce is another leading casino streamer growing on Twitch. Adam and Jay run the channel and enjoy sharing their positive vibes and weekly casino videos with their 237,000 followers. The stream is 3-4 days per week, showcasing extremely long streams that can reach over 14 hours. They include a nice mix of casino games like slot machines, game shows, live dealers, and more. Many love their streams, with top videos receiving over 100,000 views in a day.

8. s2alinefaria

s2alinefaria is the most popular female casino Twitch streamer on our list and has built up a large audience of over 206,000 followers. This Portuguese gamer enjoys recording herself playing fun casino games at the Blaze online casino. Her fans love watching her react while playing Sweet Bonanza, Big Bass Bonanza, Plinko, Lightning Roulette, and other titles.


The eight Twitch streamers listed above are the leaders in the casino/slots section of the site. Anyone who wishes to watch fun gambling sessions with big risks, thrills, and spectator commentary should start following them today. They provide weekly videos, ensuring their audience has fresh content to enjoy.

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