How Technology Improves Live Table Games?

When looking back at the online casino market over the last couple of years, it’s possible to see massive growth. The industry may have been worth over $200 billion a couple of years ago, but this is a number that is thought to have risen and looks set to continue to do so.
While it is hard to point out exactly what is driving this consistent rise, many connoisseurs attribute it to the technology behind the industry, which has made games significantly more accessible. Overall, technology has made a big difference in our everyday lives and online entertainment is no exception.

So, what has technology done to improve online casinos, and how does this benefit people who play table games?

Livestreaming Technology

Without a doubt, graphics and live video games have changed the world of online casinos due to the added element of interaction that they typically offer. In the past, enjoying table games such as Poker or Blackjack online meant simply watching basic graphics of cards and chips move across a cartoon-style table. While there is nothing wrong with this style of game, it didn’t do much for added excitement and was a far cry from the experience of visiting a land-based casino.

The introduction of live streaming technology and live video games meant that people could enjoy these same games online, but with the bonus of a live video dealer and being able to see real cards being dealt. This interaction might seem like such a small thing, however, it makes the game feel significantly more real and lifelike. Indeed, research on the topic shows that this is something that online casino goers have been enjoying recently.

Mobile Phone Apps

There’s pretty much a mobile phone app for everything these days and online casinos are no exception. Whilst most online casinos still give you the option to log in via their mobile website, using their tailor-built app can add to the experience. For example, when playing slots via an app you can often swipe the screen with your finger to spin the reel – which makes you feel much more involved in the outcome than just pressing a button on the computer screen.

On the surface, such moves don’t seem like a big deal. Nevertheless, technology like this has helped to shift the online gaming experience, ensuring its steady growth in popularity.

OCR Scanners

It isn’t just online casinos that have seen an improvement thanks to technology. OCR scanners have helped to change land-based casinos too. One of the most important things for players, whether they’re playing in real life or online is that the gameplay is quick and smooth – and OCR scanners definitely help with this.

When an OCR scanner is set up every care has a bar code that is read by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means that the scanner knows what move has been made and what the outcome of the game is. This allows the bet and hand outcomes to be displayed on a screen instantly, rather than the need to wait for a dealer to call out the results. Again, on the surface something small, but something which enhances the overall player’s experience.

To conclude

The truth is that technology is always shifting and evolving and it is something that all industries should be paying attention to. The online casino is one that takes advantage of this. Therefore, when taking into consideration that their offering is virtual and relies on technology, it makes sense that it is an industry at the forefront of any innovative changes that are transpiring.

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