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Shop from Home: Find Food, Toiletries, and Medication Online

Many things can now be done online. It is currently recommended to stay at home if possible and to avoid large crowds in order to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. Elderly people should be especially careful. But which things can be done virtually and how can you get the most important things from home? And how do you manage your everyday life in a relaxed way? You can find the answer here.

Food needed? Online supermarkets as an offline alternative

It is not only clothing, technology and entertainment products that can now be ordered quickly and easily via the Internet. Groceries can now also easily be found in households via online shopping. In order to avoid unnecessary lugging and to reduce the possible risk of infection, online supermarkets now offer good alternatives.

Not only canned or frozen foods come to your home in this way: In online supermarkets you can expect a large selection of fresh foods as well as fruit and vegetables. Tea, coffee and cocoa can also be obtained from the providers. Tired of lugging boxes? No problem, because online supermarkets can help here too: From mineral water to soft drinks to alcoholic beverages and more – you will find it online.

You can find a selection of online supermarkets in the list below. Please note that some services have a restricted delivery area.

Are you tired of cooking, want to treat yourself to something or just need a little inspiration in the kitchen? Then you can fall back on grocery delivery services here too. While you can enjoy ready-made meals directly from food suppliers and relax with burgers, pasta, pizza and co., There are ready-made cooking boxes to buy from Hello Fresh (advertisement), for example.

Order food at lightning speed

In the online you will find all the ingredients in exactly the right amount that you need for a dish, as well as the right recipe. With this practical front door service you can swing the wooden spoon in a relaxed manner and provide your family with fresh dishes.

Do you want to cook yourself and healthy, but don’t have time to shop?

Order a cooking box now and get started!

Online drugstores: shower gel, shampoo, soap & Co. are also available online

Incidentally, if you are currently ordering groceries from a large supplier, it makes sense to take a quick look at the drugstore products here as well. In addition to a large selection of hygiene items such as soaps, shampoos, shower gels and the like, you will also find cosmetic products that you can have quickly and conveniently delivered to your home. Perfumes, creams and lotions, make-up and much more: you will find it all with this all-rounder.

Well-known drugstore chains, are now also represented online. Instead of strolling through the aisles as usual, you can put your favorite products in the virtual shopping cart here – and have them delivered to you. At the drugstores, however, it is worthwhile to compare the delivery costs in advance.

Tips: You can also discover numerous drugstore and hygiene products on Amazon. Products for daily use, such as shaving foam or toothpaste, can even be ordered as a subscription model. When ordering, specify monthly delivery intervals between one and four months and you will automatically receive replenishment without having to place a new order.

Also useful when ordering via Amazon. Since many products are available via Prime, you as a Prime customer save shipping costs here.

Buy medication through online portals

Due to the current situation, going to the pharmacy gives many a queasy feeling. However, so that you can stay calm and relaxed, many pharmacies also offer a delivery service that supplies you with medicines. For example, you can buy cold medicine or light pain relievers with little effort. On presentation of a prescription, many online portals or Facebook pages, also allow you to order prescription drugs and have them delivered. Customers can find out about opening times there and see which pharmacy offers a delivery service.

If the way to the doctor causes problems: Patients can use their smartphone to compare their symptoms with the symptoms of a cold and, after the diagnosis, have a tele-doctor put them on sick leave. In this way, you save yourself the annoying waiting time at the doctor and can relax in the comfort of your own four walls.

You can also find over 100,000 products at the pharmacy shop, including many well-known manufacturers. Shipping is free with a prescription or for orders of € 19 or more. Delivery takes between one and two working days, depending on the order situation.

Tips: Compare prices and redeem voucher codes

In any case, compare the prices of the individual providers and also pay attention to the delivery costs. You can often significantly reduce the value of your shopping basket by redeeming the appropriate discount codes. We offer you a large overview of this on our voucher page.

Never miss an event with live streams

Not only schools currently are closed, large meetings are also suspended or postponed. This regulation affects, among other things, trade fairs, concerts, sports events, but also cultural offers. In order to protect your health and not have to worry about missing a certain football match or not being able to attend a long-awaited theater performance, some organizers are currently using clever solutions: online streams.

Many organizers are currently upgrading digitally – and the long-awaited concert may not be canceled, but only virtualized. It is therefore worth taking a regular look at the event pages in order to always stay up to date.

Because it is not possible to go to the cinema, you are generally well advised to use streaming services: On Amazon Prime, Netflix, maxdome and Disney + you will find countless exciting films that you can enjoy with your loved ones at any time.



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