Enchanting Powers of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is a variety of corundum, the second hardest mineral on earth after diamond. This gemstone from the mineral corundum family is prized for its bright sunny color. It has a beautiful color that ranges from light yellow to deep golden. Sometimes, the yellow color in sapphire can be so bright that it looks more like a diamond than a sapphire.

Yellow sapphires have magical properties and can bring about many blessings to their owners. This may be due to its rich color, which resembles sunlight bringing warmth during the cold winter months.

Yellow sapphire stone is believed to strengthen your physical, mental, and emotional functions, making you more confident, energetic, and positive. It possesses incredible powers to:

Evoke True Friendships

Pukhraj stone is called ‘the stone of friendship’ because it encourages harmony in relationships and helps you find a balanced state of mind when dealing with stressful situations.

This stone is often given in friendship rings, either between two people or as a promise of a friendship that has yet to be formed. Yellow sapphire engagement rings are quite popular because they represent love and happiness without being overly flashy.

Offer Chakra Healing

Yellow sapphires can be good for your throat chakra for those who like to talk a lot, but they can also be helpful for those who have had injury or trauma to their throat or vocal cords. This stone can also be used by individuals with throat ailments or problems with their voice boxes.

Yellow sapphires are great for those who wish to attract the best in life. These are stones that are associated with the sun, and as such, carry the power of warmth and happiness. They are also said to be powerful stones for attracting wealth, making them great stones for business people.

Bring Stability to Your Life

Tibetan Buddhists associate yellow sapphire stone with the element of earth, which represents stability and durability. This is why it’s essential to utilize yellow sapphire as a grounding stone.

Yellow Sapphires are thought to improve communication between the heart and mind. The stone calms emotions and reduces stress by increasing self-control. It provides one with a calmness that allows for clear thinking and helps one be more objective in decision making. It brings clarity of mind, allowing one to be more attentive, alert, and focused.

Develop Self-Confidence

Pukhraj or Pushkaraj stone stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd) at the base of the spine, which is associated with personal power and self-confidence. It provides a shield of protection from people trying to manipulate you or lead you down a path that may not be in your best interest.

The gemstone can bring wisdom from past experiences that help you avoid mistakes in the future. It increases memory retention, mental clarity, and focus.

Improve Your Mood

The color of this precious stone is an excellent example of color therapy as it can influence your mood and temperament, so if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, wearing it may help you feel more relaxed. It’s also used to attract love and compassion, so if you’re looking for a soul mate or trying to improve your relationships with family or friends, a yellow sapphire ring can help you out.

Sharpen the Intellect

Yellow sapphires enhance memory, sharpen analytical skills, and improve concentration levels. They invoke creativity and intellect to help you attain a higher position in life.

The gemstone is a good luck charm for students as it helps them succeed in their studies. It is often used as an alternative treatment for eyesight disorders such as nearsightedness, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

Promote Generosity

Yellow Sapphire is a stone of generosity that links the earth’s energies and the higher planes of existence. It protects its wearer from psychic attack, protecting the individual and transmuting the energy into love while keeping away negative energy emitted by others. It can be used to enhance personal power, wealth, and prosperity.

Stone of Protection Since Ancient times

Pukhraj has been used since ancient times as protection against natural disasters, including storms, fires, and explosions. The gemstone is believed to bring good fortune to its wearer, especially if worn on the left side of the body near the heart chakra.

Bridge the Gap Between Planes

Pushkaraj stone symbolizes harmony and communication. It is said to be a bridge between the physical and astral planes, allowing communication between the worlds.

The vibrations of this stone can bring harmony and understanding to any situation while at the same time helping you reach your goals.

Bring Happiness

It’s no surprise that yellow sapphires are known as the gems of happiness. It’s said to promote a cheerful and mild-tempered disposition, which sounds lovely to all!

Experts believe that wearing or carrying yellow sapphires can stimulate positivity and cheerfulness, which can be especially helpful for those suffering from depression.

Enhance Psychic Abilities

Yellow sapphire is also a powerful psychic stone that aids in focusing the mind for divination or dream recall. It stimulates the crown chakra and enhances psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

The gem can help bring clarity to visions seen in meditation or dreams, allowing one to interpret them with ease.

The energy of this stone also provides for inner strength and personal power. It can help you set and achieve goals, manifesting what you desire most in life. Yellow sapphire will draw luck to you, giving you everything you need to achieve success in all endeavors. They are also associated with health, happiness, wealth, and peace.

These are some wonderful powers of Pukhraj. But you can harness them only by wearing pure, unadulterated, and natural gemstones. The market is flooded with fake sellers looking to rip off the buyers with cheap imitations of these precious stones. To avoid them, buy your yellow sapphires only from stores like GemPundit. They offer a complete range of gemstones in different quality grades with authentic lab certificates and affordable prices. You can even ask for free astrological advice from such stores to get the perfect stone for your needs.

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