Online Adult Dating Scams and How to Avoid Them

Your heart and your guts are your only knights in the world of online adult dating. Following them can offer you either the great chance of the casual relationship you have always dreamed about or the bad case of being scammed! But with knowledge alongside your knights, things can have a turn of events. Fortunately, the chances of you finding your casual partner are possible if you have done your research and you have educated yourself enough to know how to stop a scam when you see one. Knowledge starts with recognition and reinforces its power as we put it into practice. Let’s learn how to recognize online adult dating scams and avoid them. Finf here Philadelphia Weekly’s article about best sugar daddy sites.

What are online dating scams?

Online hookup has been misused, and people use scams to trick others into believing they have a unique connection. They use fake accounts, do not post their pictures, and use pictures from the internet. It could be someone else’s or some celebrities. Their purpose is to manipulate others into providing them with money, and another goal is collecting personal information. They wait for the relationship to develop and grow so they can access others’ personal information that could be useful for them.

How to identify a scammer?

Scammers have multiple tricks they use, and they seem to be pretty good at it. For example, they are pretending to be soldiers. Scammers pretend to be in the military, use an actual soldier name, or make up an entirely fake account. It helps them justify why they can’t meet you. As for calling, they use a bad internet connection as an excuse. Another way to spot them is specific military jargon like base locations or titles. They want to convince you they are in the military so bad they keep mentioning related stuff.

How do they ask for money?

Their ultimate goal is your money, and here are some of their ways:

They want it for a better internet connection or to get a flight home. If you ran across this kind of person, make sure not to fall for their games.

Random People or Mutual Friends

It starts with a match on a hookup app, and it gradually becomes a casual relationship until they start asking unpredicted inappropriate demands. This scamming takes them a lot of time and effort, and they spend their time expressing their emotions and courtship. They keep flattering their victims until they eventually lure them into sending private pictures or videos.

How do they ask for money?

Once they have the pictures, they start with the extortion. They do not precisely ask for the money; they reveal their true colors and make their victims choose. It is either their money or their pictures being posted all over the internet.

If you were in a virtual relationship with someone you have not met in real life and they start asking for private pictures of you and pretending to be all-loving and caring, then recognize the scam and do not fall for that kind of behavior.

They are Invisible

The typical trait of a scammer is the no calls, no videos rule. They would never accept receiving a call or video chatting with you no matter how much they say they want you. They would use all kinds of excuses and explanations, and you won’t even notice what is happening. They might even ask you to switch to texting or social media instead of the hookup app, so they do not have a trace of them asking you for money or any kinds of pictures or personal information. They use fake accounts or fake numbers, so they don’t get caught.

Too good to be true or maybe too sad to be true?   

Scammers set professional profiles and use beautiful pictures that most people find attractive, and they use the images to get matches, texts, and candidates to scam. If you are in a virtual relationship with someone too miserable to accept any sort of communication, not even a phone call, consider being scammed.


This was what casual hookup scams look like. It seems like the perfect casual relationship with a few flaws that you might overlook. Recognizing what is happening around you and paying attention to small details is a huge help. Be careful and be safe.


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