What Kind of Services do Modern Web Agencies Offer?

Modern web agencies are crucial behind-the-scenes helpers enabling companies to build successful spaces online. The internet is more important to business than ever before. Hiring the right web design agency from Vancouver is extremely important for maintenance and optimization. Here is the kind of services a good web agency offers. 

Design from Scratch

The most demanding work a web agency can take on is the creation of a website from scratch – not based on an existing Content Management System. This kind of work is complex (unless you only need a static site) but can be worthwhile if you are in need of a completely unique website.

WordPress Design

More commonly, an agency will suggest that you commission a website that is built using a Content Management System. Content Management Systems allow for the easy building and maintenance of a website. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS. As such, it has been the most broadly developed. There are plugins and themes available for almost any plausible need – all of them developed by 3rd party innovators making use of WordPress’ open-source architecture. A good web agency will be able to build your website using WordPress and then instruct you in basic site maintenance using simple dashboards.

Site Maintenance

If more complex maintenance is required, site owners can turn to their web agency for help. Designers and developers will be able to clean up your site’s code, check for malware, and generally give your website a good once over.

Web Development

While web design is about the front-end ‘look’ and content of a site, web development is the behind-the-scenes coding work that goes into structuring a site. Web agencies typically offer development and design side by side – although many specialize in one or the other.

App Development

Top web agencies can also offer app development. Plenty of businesses can benefit from having a unique app. Apps can offer streamlined purchasing, booking, and feedback options for customers and clients. Apps are especially prevalent among retail and foodservice businesses, where they are important streamlining tools.


Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website to rank favorably on sites like Google. Recommended web designers like ALT agency are able to offer SEO by utilizing a diverse set of tactics. In order to rank highly, a site should ideally be designed from the ground up with search engine ranking algorithms in mind. Web designers can help a site rank well by incorporating metadata, ensuring mobile compatibility, and site responsiveness. All of these factors influence the ranking of a website by Google.

Social Media Integration

Most business leaders understand the importance of having a strong presence on social media. A web agency can help you link all of your social media profiles to your online shop or homepage in a natural and streamlined way. Your website should act as a hub linking all of your other online mouthpieces. A good designer can integrate social media-based product reviews from your customers into a site.


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