Improve your business by 5 magical Disney lessons

Are you eager to improve your business quickly? Then you can follow 5 magical Disney lessons to improve your own business. Disney World is thought to be one of the largest businesses in the world. If not the most, due to its characters or the perfection of its parks. But, to tell the truth, Disney’s success is due to much deeper factors than they seem.

We had the opportunity to read the book: 7 keys to Disney’s success, written by Tom Connellan. In reality, any business can learn from Disney’s measures for growth, no matter how different. Both a bank and a restaurant can apply those for your business.

Here are some of the lessons we take from the book.

Do you have a Disney VHS with this brand? They will give you thousands for him.

Care in the details

There are always things that may seem insignificant, but in reality, they serve to make the job a complete experience. Did you know in Disney the golden painting of the carousel is made of 23 karat gold leaf? Visitors to the park should not notice it, and it should be easy to simply paint it with gold paint because “who will notice?”.

However, thanks to the carousel which is kept carefully and colorful. The details help maintain order and negligence can grow and make your remedy more complicated.

Get on the client’s feet

Always try to see things from the other point of view. Sit down and study your business or product and think: “If I am a customer, what questions does this generate for me? What will you expect from this product to solve?”

Do this exercise together with all the workers of your business, since each and every one of you does a small part to serve the client, whether or not directly.

Each employee is part of a total

A business is like a typewriter: if one of the keyboards stops working, the whole machine becomes useless because every letter or button is necessary.

Thus, each employee plays a fundamental part in the business and their work has to be valued. Disney works in a special way because each worker deals with different details making the customer experience an unforgettable thing.

There is no doubt why every time we leave the parks, we always want to return.

Don’t settle for little, always look for more

Returning to the example of the gold leaf for the carousel, this company is not content with little; they could paint the carousel with gold paint but they don’t do it because the aim is always to go to more and reach more.

Every day, you have to grow with knowledge and skills to work, although sometimes it seems that it is better to leave it for another day. Do not settle with your duty, rather seek to serve in another way. Another example, Disney rewards employees who take care of details like picking up trash, even if that is not their job.

Learn from failure, celebrate achievements

It is very easy not to see more than the bad thing about failure. In many occasions, it is the only thing that is seen. Before each negative event, always seek to compensate them with the positive ones.

The failure is resolved by reflecting on them and taking the necessary measures to grow. Meanwhile, celebrate achievements and always seek to reach more.

Apply these tips to your business and you will have better customer service and great growth. What are you waiting for?

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