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How to Deal with Adelaide Building Inspectors?

Most of you may have heard about building inspectors, but very few of you may have actually dealt with one. Building inspectors are basically professionals who inspect buildings to find out about the defects and structural faults with the property. They can also tell you whether a defect is repairable or not and how much it will cost to repair it. Building inspectors can also tell you whether a building in inhabitable or not and how much it should cost if you decide to buy it. In short, any question you may have about the building can be answered by the professional.

Tips to Deal with Building Inspectors

It is needless to say that working with building inspectors is a rather important skill for any contractor. Ask any contractor and you will be told that working with an experienced inspector with is a dream come true. They are also the best inspectors around and these professionals do come with their own share of strengths and weaknesses. Here are some tips for you to work with when it comes to dealing with building inspectors.

  • Your Approach Is Important: If you think from a building inspector’s point of view, you will understand that he will always wish for any project to go as per the codes of completion. This will not just ensure that the building project ends up fast and successful, it will also reduce his work of inspecting the building. During your first meeting with the professional in pan review, always make sure to let him know about your personal experience in the construction business and about your company. If required, make some comments on the details, plans or even the project.
  • Choose The Right Schedule For Inspection: It is always a good idea to schedule the inspections as early as possible so that you can give yourself some amount of flexibility in your own schedule. It is important for you to remember that building inspectors are never on time for any appointment. It is also crucial for you to make sure that no concrete truck is present at the job site when the inspector arrives. If there is an engineer at the site inspecting the quality of the concrete and soil, make sure to ask him for a copy of the report so that you can provide the same to the inspector.
  • Provide Assistance In The Walk-Through: As the contractor of a building project, it is always a good thing to provide proper assistance to the building inspector when he arrives at the site for an inspection of the work being done. If you assist in the walk-through, you can actually point out certain key areas to the professional, such as the load-bearing areas, structural steel connections, and framing details to name a few. It will also be a great idea to point out the details on the plan of the project. Do not forget to keep all the stamped drawings, whether it is civil, engineering or architectural out on the desk for the inspector to see them.
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