Fresh Sundays - Poolside OpenAir

Published: 23/05/2013 Views: 14 181

Fresh Sundays - Swimming pool party
Poolside OpenAir @ Jiqia Swimming Pool | 19.05.2013

Fresh Sundays's next event were presented on 19 of May under the sky
Jikias swimming pool, Fresh Sundays.

The joy was extended until 12 o'clock in the morning, lounge was arranged
And gave music to Tomas & Lasha Craft, Trotsky & Zazo, Zem & Lenny,
Rotkraft, Gio Shengelia, Sikha & Bero, WallD, Gabunia, Ujin Ray & Baqaru
The drink is shaky cocktails and dark dog's energy.

Our photographer Elene Gogelia is specially for
Fresh Sundays recorded the first half of the day of the event - a basin.

The event lasted till night. Leko Studio presents the photos
You can view more in AlbomFresh Sundays - Poolside OpenAir | 2013