"I did not see a way out" - Giselle Bundenhagen found out about suicide

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"I did not see a way out" - Giselle Bundenhagen found out about suicide

A great deal of people think that the stellar life is always inevitable. But famous people try to destroy this myth and speak openly about the price of success. As it seems, Giselle Bundenhagen was planning to complete his life by suicide. He wrote about his new autobiographical book "Lessons: My Way to Analyze Life" (Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life).

At the age of 15, when her career began to rise to the peak, the girl had a panic attack that caused turbulence in the plane. After that, the fears were regularly bothering.

"It seemed to me that my death wanted to go around the airplanes and then the lifts, and then the tunnels, cars, models and hotels, and even my own house," said Giselle.

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It seemed to me that the world was broken.

"Everything came to me, and I was a living creature behind him and I could not breathe," he writes.

Soon the beautiful man began to think about death.

"The idea was:" Can you make me just go over? "Everything can be done, I can leave that." - recalls Giselle.

Finally, thanks to the doctors' right life style, the model has been recovered.

"If I could say myself at the age of 23, everything will be sorted out and the real life is still ahead!"

Giselle recalls a period of turmoil with Tom Brady when the girlfriend started to meet, the sportsman said that her ex-girlfriend was waiting for her son.

"Two months after the commencement of the commemoration, Tom told me that his former girl was pregnant, and the next day I saw this story in newspapers and I felt that the world was over," recalls Supermodel.

With her mother

The case concerns Bridget Moynahan, who was inducted in 2004-2006. The pair got separated when Thomas got acquainted with Giselle. In 2007, Bridget had a son Jack.

It is true that the public scandal was hard for Giselle, but this experience was used in favor of Tom. The model says that thanks to Jack, the world has changed the views and realized the new ones.

"I wanted to be with Jack and Tommy and to do everything I could to establish a close relationship between them." - writes the model.

Giselle also says that Jack had inspired the couple to have children. Benjamin is now 8 years old and Vivian 5. Jack likes Giselle as "Bonus's Child" and considers himself as the same as his own children.

In the book, Giselle recalls his debut in McQueen, who was 18 years old and was the new face of the world podium. "It was my first international show and I did not know what the expectations were," recalls the 28-year-old model. He hired three images. The first two clothes were won without any problems, but only on the third show they were asked to wear the bottom. She had to go nude on the podium.

"I started crying, I did not know what to do, I was thinking about how frustrated my parents were, and I tried to stop tears, but I did not see it."

"Everything from the outside seems ideal, but I do not really know what's going on inside, I feel that it was time for me to share my experiences and write about everything that I have done in life, and I'm going to change it because I think these experiences are what I am now."