Chanel Show "on the edge of the sea" SS19

Published: 25/10/2018 Views: 2 530
Chanel Show "on the edge of the sea" SS19

Chanel's grandiose display in Paris on the sandy "seaside" podium,
Spring-Summer 2019

In the midst of autumn Paris Carl Lagerfeld created a true sandy beach with its waves, sun and bungalows. The models of the new collection of "Chanel" in the light dresses and costumes were shaking on the beach. Karl Lagerfeld proudly looked at his yet great work.

The new show was traditionally held in Grand Palace Palace, where grandiose statements of the brand have been held since 2005. Lagerfeld is full of enthusiasm and creativity and is always trying to get beyond its reach. Therefore, Chanel's testimonies are waiting for the biggest expectations of the weekend.

Tweed into the new collection is still relevant in all colors. These dazzling materials are made of classic costumes, bottom bands and structured dresses with big pockets. The light is repeating the summer character - soft pink, beige and yellow. Sand models were walking in the hands of sandals and various sizes.

Carlis characteristic silhouette is familiar to everyone - if the festive and winter forms are more feminine and winter, this time the downstairs line has fallen down, the classical jackets have increased and the work has expanded. A new collection of chanel is all that we need for a relaxed relaxation at the resort. We did not get the main trend: Lagerfeld juggled the sports shorts.

Chanel Spring Summer 2019