Impressive seams of Tina Kunki

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New Muse of Venus:
Looks of Tina Kunki

On 24 August, Vesan Casiller married the second time - Tina Kunkia, a 21-year-old model of the actress. The controversy surrounding the wedding has not been resolved yet, the reason is not so much: the 30-year difference between age and the former wife of Venessani Monica Bellucci, who is the lady of many women around the world. Presenting one of the females of the world cinema, Tina Kunki,

Tina is a French model, he has not participated in several testimonials of well-known designers, but with the attention of Venance to Romance. The couple met each other two years ago on the beach of Ibiza. Tina says she grew up in Toulouse, a village in Toulouse, where she did not have access to a television, and she did not even walk in the cinema. Her father is from Moroni (originally from Tongo), and her mother is a smile. The model says that while paparazzi were showing such a great interest in their couple, they did not even know what significance the 50-year-old actress was born.

Monica Bellucci and Venance Cassell finished 14 years of marriage in 2013. The couple remained in Brazil after divorce, because of their children, they decided to live in different neighboring cities. It is well known that Venus loves Rio de Janeiro, the press is waiting for the trip after where the newlyweds will be built.

In the wedding, Tina has chosen the classic style dress and the minimum number of accessories. He did not even have a traditional game and was limited to a flower bunch.

For the next wedding parties, a simple white dress is chosen.

The model loves colors and rarely looks like a monochromatic image

For the red carpet and evening parties, Tina chooses dresses that show her feminine forms

Pastel Gamma girl's skin color is superb

The autumn image that we can repeat

The white shirt might not be boring if you can add it to the original bottom

The cottage is also an ultrasonic garment

Like the colorful fur coat rhina, Tina loves

For a common way, the wife and wife chose the color of the agreed color

The whole jeans hatch in black trousers and shoes

Best Looks

However, Tina's style best shows her instrument photos. From where we see the main appeal of the girl: life on the beach

Vincean's daughters on the photo
Two divine long n’ lean creatures I just can’t live without....