The most elegant dresses of the next season - Valentino SS 2019

Published: 23/12/2018 Views: 612
The most elegant dresses of the next season - Valentino SS 2019

Virtuoso Pierpaolo Piccioli is always pompous and feminine. Valentino's Creative Director Leopard's Prints, Leather Pallets, ugly-botas are less likely to come to us in the capitals of the USA. Each collection of designer is absolutely different, but all of them come to the delight of home users. Why do you like this brand? - Because of the explicit policy, Valentino's muse is always formulated and properly defined.

The theme of the new season is creative freedom. The designer was looking for twentieth century artists. Showcases opened by black dresses - which is unusual for the spring-summer season.

The main color for the picelli - it's all fairy. In the monochrome wardrobe, the first game is not a palette, but a game of form. Many dresses, black smokers, mini skirts, decorative feathers, free t-shirts and a wide range of dresses. One color designer pushes for pink and flicker, which has become a brand name for a long time.

The beauty of the beauty of beauty has attracted great attention. Allies of black velvet and red satin are not pure brilliant skin, but also bright makeup. Visagistists glitter on the lips, cheeks and eyebrows. Learn how to blend with their dresses: beige or black silk and apply red glitter on the lips. If you choose a color printer, then smoky eyes will show the main color of the garment.

Valentino Spring Summer 2019