NYs fashion weeks real women

Published: 28/09/2018 Views: 723

Today we present you a little extraordinary publication: dressing guests who attend the New York Fashion Week, though not the best, and not the most tasteless. Selection of these photos is reflected in the style of fashion journalists, editors, editors, models, and mere fashion trends, which were directed to work schedule, the dress of this day is not likely to be seen in the well-known photographers, but they look perfectly perfect.

It is important to note that most of them do not have a brand luxury clothes, nor any fashion house. They simply demonstrate their style, come with some trendy items and think that it's all comfortably fit for the busy and rainy New York City: the real guests of the New York Fashion Week.

Glamorous photographs of luxury brands of other well-known personalities have already enjoyed a lot on the Internet. In these photos you will find some famous fashionable bloggers who look stunning on other days, but it is difficult to maintain such an affinity throughout the week. Therefore, do not underestimate the possibilities of these beautiful women and lose the ability to perceive reality.