9 Main Trends from Gucci SS 2019

Published: 23/12/2018 Views: 673
9 Main Trends from Gucci SS 2019

We present you the most desirable of the next season
Items Gucci From the testimonies of the SS 2019
Ostrich feathers to huge vests

The most talked-up brand of recent seasons, which Alessandro is headed to, is pushing the zenith of popularity to each show.

As soon as Alessandro Michele arrives, the brand "Renaissance epoch" begins. Clients, who have been young in the 70s and 80s, are fond of designer's allies. Millenniums became part of the "Gucci" culture due to innovative vision and creativity. Every item of the brand is relevant. This time, Mikele's light, theatrical, and the footsteps of the past arrived.

Mikele's personalized performances performed in Milan from Paris to Paris, where he held a show at the town of Bohemore in Montmartre.

Michelle's collection is dedicated to Leo de Berardini and Perle Peeragollo - the novelists of the 1970s theater. Connection with Alessandro's Theatrical Duet is obvious: the designer loves strange accessories and strange things. For example, models on the new show featured Mickey Mouse's bags.

We present the most desired trends of the next season from "Gucci".

#1 Focuses

2 Volumetric vests

3 Feathers

4 Diadems

5 Animal prints

6 Big beads

7 Sports costumes

8 hats

9 A few pockets together

Gucci SS 2019