Fashion Direct Illustration - Moschino SS 2019

Published: 24/09/2018 Views: 1 286
Fashion Direct Illustration - Moschino SS 2019

The most ironic designer of modernity, Jeremy Scott is still surprised by our new collection.

On the podium, the lover of the sarcastic expression perfectly illustrated in Milan's fashion week, what he had painted in his notebook. The most striking models of the show, including Bendel Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Bela and Jiji Haydides, [/b] designer's idea was effectively presented.

In the new collection, asymmetrical mini-subdivisions with 80s bandage, classic double costumes and mantles were painted with different color markers. As if the designer has put all the accessories on the speed.

The most iconic and memorable part of the show was finale, with Jiji Hadiad pomping the image of the bride and the huge pomp.

Moschino SS 2019