Triumph Milan Fashion Week - Prada SS 2019

Published: 23/12/2018 Views: 873
Triumph Milan Fashion Week - Prada SS 2019

Mousia Prada showed us what the young Tiggy had lived in the era of Minelian

Tired of the fall-winter collection of neon colors, the designer has restrained himself with the creative expression.The new spring collection of Prada consists of laconic shirts, the shape of the trapezes and the satin babydoll dresses, the length of which stops at the knee. Despite the simplicity of the simplicity, the creativity of the creativity of the brand was revealed in the prints: abstract colors and images resemble the epoch of revival. The expression and brightness of the 60s are presented in a variety of colors palette.

Mousia presented hair accessories in accessories. Of course, the brands never forget the design of the original original shoes and glasses.

Mousia Prada Show was held on the 69th birthday of Tuigi and the collection also reflected the style of the British model. Short hairstyles, makeup makeup, trapeze-shaped dresses - the characteristic features of Tiggy are from the rebel epoch.

Prada SS 2019: