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Published: 29/10/2018 Views: 4 681

Marine clothes for unique women

What is the most demanding for women in the hot summer season?

The best weather, swimming costume, and of course, a different and high quality marine shirt that represents the unique style of the lady.
Beach Robes is a brand that offers you the desired and necessary clothing. The premium Georgian brand was founded by Salome Mghvdeladze and Salome Vibliani in 2017. As they say, the idea of making a common case was made from their childhood:

"Since childhood we wanted to do a common job. Last summer, we had an idea to create a suit for swimwear, which would be different, colorful, airy, beautiful, and most importantly, quality. We had a great deal of sympathy for those around us, which gave us a greater stimulus to give us all the effort in this case. "

Beach Robes's coats were well-known in the short time since the brand's brand, and they remained loyal customers. Besides marine cottages, the bridges are not only for ladies but also for children and men. Likewise models are also created. The brand's goal is to keep the individual-loving ladies in their preferred model and the collection is diverse for women with different taste.

Brand creators talk about the collection, saying that Georgian consumers have a common desire to have black colored clothes.

"Taking into consideration that black is more demanding fairy in Georgia, we have a different style black bronze. However, in addition to this particular color we try to select the trends and bright colors. For example, in this collection we have used: malignant, orange, red, white and green colors. "

The most demanding of the brand is the Silk Flame Chain, which has been renewed in two colors this season.
In the home dress, consumers prefer the classical barbecue of Barakh. The coats are shifted to Georgia, in Tbilisi, and their order is available online.

"At this stage we do not have a store. However, this does not prevent us from using the Internet (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Whatsapp). In order to order the user must write the height of the measure; Address where we should provide the chair and contact number. The preferred chain with the recipient is 2-4 days (depending on orders). Tbilisi delivery service is free. "

The brand plans to expand in the future and offers customers the necessary accessories for other seafood such as bags, swimwear, slippers and more. It is also planned to open the store in order to communicate with the customer and get the desired clothes in full comfort. The brand of clothes will soon be outside the borders of Georgia and not only Georgian, but also foreign women.

Beach Robes
Viber/whatsapp : +995 557888787
Mail: [email protected]

Photo shoot for Beach Robes-:
Location: Krtsanisis swimming pool
Photographer - Elene Gogelia
Models: Ketevan Khatiashvili, Natia Tsitsilashvili, Ninka Gelikoshvili and Tatuka Arevadze