Sex and the City is 20 years old - what influenced the pop-culture and fashion

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Sex and the City is 20 years old - what influenced the pop-culture and fashion

In 1998, the first American TV series HBO Cultural TV series Sex and the City was released, which replaced social stereotypes forever and became a true fashion bible. It's been 20 years since "sex big city" is one of the most outstanding TV series of all time. In addition to gaining world recognition and fan army, the project earned impressive record awards: 7 "Emi"; 8 "Golden Globe" and 11 Guild Prize. Yet what is the phenomenon of this legendary history that has captured New York and the world of men.

Impact on fashion

During the series, the series of heroes appeared in the design of the designers, in addition to each of the friends of the individual, who attracted the attention of different tastes and styles. Fashion critics point out that the project makers were able to do what they did not know about the famous magazines and fashion weekends: Sex and the City was able to convince the ordinary woman to be comfortable with everyday boring clothes.

With Kerry Bradshaw, the fashion world has come up with the ballerina style subdivisions. The main character appears in the last series with a tailor's dress.

The bright colored shoe made Karey beautiful. Also, the names of their own names and the furry palm, which he had on the night shirts.

Aristocratic Charlotte York became a style icon. He gained popularity on the screen with a classic image of 50s. In all the tones of pink colors were gradually. One of the most important details of her style is the subtleties adorned with fashionable prints. In every season, the lady demonstrated the popular stripes, coops, and floral applications.

Bold Samantha Jones has shown the main attributes of sexual elegance in her image: double costumes and nicely dressed outfits became Kim Ketter's business card. It is noteworthy that the community was inspired by the color-blocking of the fans and did not intimidate some contrasting colors in one image.

The pragmatic Miranda Hubs featured the most interesting variants of business style during the series. Such style never loses its character: her costumes were masculine, bags of geometric shapes, short hairstyle for women in the office still inspire.

Influence on pop culture

Influence Pop-culture sociologists think that Sex and the City was furious because the main characters were not young, 18-year-old girls, but also independent and progressive women. Screenwriter Darren Star, who at that time worked on a well-known teens program, assured us that the lives of middle-aged women are very meaningful and interesting.

Kerry, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were on the TV screen screening on gender equality. Exhibitions and restaurants, visits and sexual freedom, shopping and parties - all this changed the social roles of men and women. The project is not only for advertising but also for drinking brands, but also for the idea of feminine independence.

After the revolutionary Sex and the City, "Desperate Housewives" were about family life, about the world of independent schoolchildren, and Ash.