Alain Delon Romy Schneider

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Alain Delon  Romy Schneider

Alain Delon & Romy Schneider - LOVE STORY

"There's always two creatures living in it - a beautiful, vulnerable doll and a German woman with a metal character, but I hate the first one," said Allen Delon on Rome Schneider.

Allen Delon was born on 8 November 1935 in France. Kasab's stepfather took over the guard.
When he grew up in the army, he fought for war in Vietnam. Allen never had an acting education, despite the fact that the first appearance on the screen was gaining popularity.

"The ideal pair" - all of them mentioned. Rome and Allen connect with each other.
They met each other for the first time in the film "Christina". In the beginning, they often argued. Rome was unnecessarily responsible for his job. When one of the journalists asked Rome about the partner: "We find it hard to find a common language. Nobody has done such a attitude to the case in Germany as it has. "

 During the filming of the film, Rome and Allen left for the Festival at Brussels.
That's where they began to get closer to the flirt. Soon everyone understood their novel
About. That changed the place of residence and moved to Alen in Paris.

Unlike Allen, Rome was the richest German family. Of course parents
They were opposed to their mark because they were deemed a homeless, uneducated man.
However, the couple overcame this obstacle.
 Soon they began their second stage of life, which brought great happiness to calamities. The trips, the intrigues of the press, all of these impacted their relationship. "Rome was a class that I hated to try to exempt from the rules she had been teaching for 20 years in the family," recalls Alain Delon.

 In 1963, Rome lived alone in Hollywood, as he worked on a new film.
Allen did not follow him and did not even see him at the airport. That's why they saw a black rose and a letter in their apartment.
He wrote: "We were assigned, but we could not get married. We do not have time for each other and we meet each other only at the airport. I will give you freedom and leave my heart. "

 After Allen's departure, Romi married Gary Meier. They had one child, David.
As if it was easy to move to Alain, it was just a fight with himself. Later, Rome was stripped of the magazine for Playboy, and this behavior was considered a revenge for Delon.

 Rome's life was eventually destroyed when his 14-year-old son was found dead.
The husband committed suicide, but Rome did not manage to deal with this tragedy and forced him to get into alcohol.
On May 29, 1982, newspapers circled the news of the death of Rome. He received an extra dose of painkillers, and later claimed that the actor died of heart attack.

 Once when the journalist asked Delon to love whether he was watching his old films, he replied: "I hate it because first of all there are many friends who are dead. I do not even want to remember the film "Basin", not just because Rome is no longer with us, the main reason is that this film accurately reflects our lives. Rome is constantly in the memories. "

 Later, at the "Les Césars" Award (French version of the Oscar Award)
The most exciting moment was seen by the French elite when Allen Delon was on stage
In honor of the memory of Rome:

"[b][i]This year you would have been seventy. I really miss you.
Because we were engaged fifty years ago.
Because we swam together forty years ago, in La Piscine.
Because we loved each other.
Because we were happy together — and unhappy when David died.
It was you and it was me — that's why.