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The Georgian group KID JESUS ​​has been working for two years and actively promotes the listener
Indie and alternative rock music. The first performances of the band took place for "Aivani season 2"
After that, the group soon achieved great success in NEWCOMERS 2012.

Engel.Ge reads boldly that their music is quite quality and pleasant
Listening. Thus, the group decided to cooperate with us so much. Whatever
We received a positive response and you have the opportunity to share the basic information about the group
Find out from an exclusive interview. The group members of us
In the interview they talked about the band, new song, influence, inspiration and
Future plans. As we expected, their answers were really very much
It was interesting and convincing.

A few days ago, we had a chance to hear the band's new song god's keepers.
Despite the fact that the song is new and the first time we heard the audience
Together, we are impressed. The guys talked about this song in our interview ...
Before that you can hear it yourself.

God's keepers by KID Jesus

Group history and name history
The idea of ​​creating a group appeared one day - when I realized that without music I did not do anything
(Levan Shanshiashvili). I went to Drummer, Achi and had some demo records,
Bass guitar and so we decided to get together. As for the name, it has a very simple and simple story.
Perhaps a lot of musicians do something like this, and in our case I just offered boys,
The name KID JESUS, because my son is called Jesus.

Song recording process
Perhaps the listener would be able to see where and how the songs are recorded -
They would be surprised and surprised. Not quite a bit, it is very intimate about the song recording process,
I'll try to express some part of it. We can easily find all the tracks, work, reason, nuendo,
in pro tools. We do not have professional equipment, so we have what we write. We are building samples
And even though we do not have our own engine engineer, we imagine that we are ourselves
We are all able and balanced, calm, and so on ... after open air
With the help of Altervision Group, they will write in the studio. Hopefully in the summer
We will have studio and not home studio recordings.

After the tiring lights, the best relaxation
New song

Children, love, galaxy, crowds.

There is a group that has influenced your music
Of course, but I think listening does not make sense. Because such strange comparisons
We have heard about you ... for instance you say that the doors are influential :)
Or even beatles. While both groups are legendary and are very interesting comparisons,
Perhaps the listener would still see the radiohead, more effectively. But the list is not really worth it
Because of the rest of the song, you can see how much of the artist's influence ...
But there's probably a lot more tracks in which I can not see myself personally anymore

Tell us about a new song (god's keepers)
The new song - god's keepers - is one of the songs that we've done together with the band
It has always been much better than when we do not work together. Even in the comradeship
The song is already quite urgent, which is often said,
That the Orthodox Parents' Union knows ...


You know how it's to be selfish
You know how it's to be in crowd
You never try to listen to me
You always shout, like a bride.
God’s keepers are coming for you all
Have no idea how it goes
Give them glass give them grass
They will come and gonna trust
God help to give them little more
It’s the same to kill them all
Pretending, killing, dreaming more…
God’s keepers are coming for you all

Have no idea how it goes
Give them glass give them grass
They will come and gonna trust
God help to give them little more
It’s the same to kill them all
Pretending, dreaming more…
God’s keepers are coming for you all

They will come and gone…

Give them grass or give them glass
and they will trust

Live schedule
It spins out, sometimes spontaneously and occasionally we plan to plan.

Future plans
Is a part of the future plans, open air 2013, tomorrow or on May 11th, 144th step,
Very interesting evening. At the end of the month, another spontaneous lively arrangement is open,
Open air-start recording, and most importantly, new songs
Writing EP, it's just a memorable ...