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LOUDspeakers for angel.ge

LOUDSpeakers have been working for four years now and this is a well-known Georgian group
During the time, many Georgian melanisms were able to win the heart. Indie and alternate
The band of rock music keeps listening to the most listening day
And the status of the well-known Georgian group, which they have attached to fans
The entire army will be reflected.

Because of these deserved status and the distinctive love of the people our site,
Engel.Ge Group offers an exclusive interview with LOUDspeakers
The group spoke frankly about everything in our interview and in the end they are very interesting
The interview was held. It can be said that this article is written by: Georgian for the melodies
Alternatives, group fans and those who do not have the quality in Georgia
Music is created. So you can get acquainted with our guests and be proud of them.

In this regard, we tried to find the answers to everybody
It would be interesting that the boys talked about creating a group, career,
Inspiration, future plans ...

(One of the recent works)

About the Group
The group was set up in the second half of 2009, Aleko Dolidze, who was no longer in the group, and Levan Tskhvaradze formed a group that was joined by bassist Levan Mamaladze. In October of the same year, the name "LOUDspeakers" was selected. After several modifications, David Tsomaia finally took over the drummer. In May 2011, one of the founders of the group Aleko Dolidze went to the group and replaced him Sandro Tsiklauri in June of the same year.
Nowadays the composition of the group is as follows:

Levan Tskhvaradze - Vocals, guitar,
Sandro Tsiklauri - Keys,
Levan Mamaladze - Bass,
David Tsomaia - Drum instrument.

Music influence
✔ There are many bands that we listen to and in many cases the tastes of the four coincide, but we do not think that we are experiencing a direct impact on any particular group. This is not because we are too tough to be influenced by anyone, we just do not think we are directly under any influence. However, details and small nuances in our music can be taken from many groups.

The source of the inspiration can be many: love, life, etc. Our songs are basically reflecting our reality and what we are worried about. Texts and music, one of the integrity of our songs. We are delighted when the listener likes not only melodies but also texts.

✔ There is a lot of relaxation, first of all to help us stand by friends, and of course music and stable rehearsals.

The process of working on new songs
The process of working on every new song is a great pleasure to lock up and refine it. There are often cases when the song is written in itself. We do not understand one another and the song is ready in some rehearsals. However, there are also songs that require long periods of time.

Recently we heard a few new simples, worked on a new set
✔ Yes, really. We've already got a 6-7 new song that will surely add you to the next time - or record, or concerts.

Plans, predictions, promises ...
✔ We have big plans for the future. In the middle of May we are planning a solo concert, let's see what happens if we have something new, we will definitely call you through our page.