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E-Wallets are Taking Over Online Casinos in New Zealand

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In recent years, online casinos have been gaining traction. However, since the pandemic began, the use of online casinos have skyrocketed. Players can access payment options like credit and debit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and e-wallets. Among these options, is one of the most convenient of all — the e wallets. 

What are E-wallets? 

E-wallets provide online service that allows you to conveniently make electronic transfers securely and quickly. You can fund it by connecting it to a bank account or linking it to a debit or credit card. This means you don’t have to type in your personal information every time you make a transaction. Your e-wallet keeps your information stored safely, so you can access it easily from your computer or phone. 

Why Use E-wallets?

The three best reasons for using an e-wallet are its security, convenience, and speed. As it is important to choose a reliable and reputable casino, having an additional layer of security doesn’t hurt. Therefore, casinos cannot access your bank information. 

Once you have funded your e-wallet, you can start using it to access your preferred online casino. Below are the steps experts say you need to follow. 

How to Deposit Using an E-wallet?

  1. Select an e-wallet option 
  2. Type in the deposit amount 
  3. Complete the transaction. 

After that, your money will be securely and instantly deposited into your casino account, allowing you to start playing right away. 

Withdrawing your winnings using an e-wallet is very convenient as well. 

How to Withdraw Using an E-wallet?

  1. Note that each casino has different payout processing times. 
  2. Type in the desired withdrawal amount 
  3. Wait for the casino to approve the payout. 

Subsequently, your e-wallet will receive the funds instantly. 

Using instant deposits and withdrawals with the help of an e-wallet in any of the fastest payout online casinos in nz, you can certainly maximize your user experience. 

Popular E-wallets

Here are our top three choices: for e-wallets you can use at any online casinos. 


This is the widely known digital wallet in the world. PayPal maintains high levels of security to give you safe, private, and secure transactions. Its service fees are around 2.50% to 5.40% depending on your transaction. The convenience and high level of security justify these amounts. PayPal’s ease of use and wide acceptance makes it a popular choice for moving money in and out of online casinos. 


Another popular choice due to its security features, Skrill uses two-factor authentication and encryption to protect your transactions. With fees ranging from 1.45% to 5.50%, it is generally considered cheaper than PayPal. This is the best option for smaller transactions. It even offers physical Mastercard credit cards to its users to reward them for their loyalty. 


Widely accepted by online casinos, Neteller has security features and quality customer service. It offers a variety of additional features with various promotions and bonuses. Withdrawal fees range from NZD 11.00 to NZD 37.00 based on the currency. Other fees may apply depending on the transaction. You can check its website for the latest fee schedule. 

E-wallets are as good as its providers. Thus, you have to check the reputation of each provider and choose wisely. Double check the fees as in any eventuality, you only have yourself to blame.



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