Custom Trophies- Why You Need Them for Your Next Event

With everything going on in the world, it suffices to say celebrating every special moment should be a must. Whether big or small wins, taking the time to celebrate can lead to more gratitude, reduced stress, and increased performance.

Celebrations can range from awarding top students to awarding best employees to awarding team members. Regardless of the occasion, gifting someone a custom trophy profoundly impacts them. We listed some of the reasons that make custom trophies memorable.

Custom Trophies Add a Personal Touch

Most trophies in the market are mass-produced. They are made so that it is difficult to add additional features. Therefore, those awards lack special meaning to the recipient, and they are generally mundane. The whole point of celebrating your employees or team is to make them feel special and appreciated. It, therefore, beats logic to award them trophies that do not feel special. 

You can reach out to online stores and create a personalized crystal globe trophy to make every celebration unique and memorable. The experts take their time to add special features and engrave the trophies with the recipient’s name to ensure the award is made explicitly for them.

Occasions That Call for Custom Trophies & Awards

There is no better way than to celebrate different events with custom trophies. From celebrating top individuals to showing appreciation to celebrating success, custom trophies are the hallmark of memorable events. We make personalized trophies to commemorate milestones in different capacities. Here are some of the events that call for our custom trophies.

  • Sporting occasions.
  • Educational success celebrations.
  • Business achievement celebrations.
  • Animal breed shows.
  • Weeding, birthdays, and other family events such as reunions.
  • Arts and music competitions.
  • Scholastic competition.
  • Retirement celebrations.
  • Promotional celebrations.
  • Cooperate events and fundraisers.
  • City fairs.

Type of Custom Awards we can Create

We offer a variety of awards and trophies to make sure your needs are addressed. The many options are geared towards ensuring the award is specifically customized to the intended purpose. So whether you are looking for crystal awards or something different, we can customize awards according to your liking. Here are some of the items our team will help you personalize.

  • Custom awards medals.
  • Sports awards.
  • Military trophies.
  • Crystal awards.
  • Glass awards.
  • Art glass.
  • Acrylic awards.
  • Branded products.
  • Clocks.
  • Vases.
  • Medals.
  • Certificates
  • Many others.

Design Your Perfect Award

When designing and customizing a personal award for an intended purpose, you should consider many factors. Awards have different categories, and each award serves a specific purpose. Therefore, the prize you select should be able to convey the intended message and create profound happiness whenever the honoree views it in their display. Our team will liaise with you to make sure we create the perfect award. Some of the things we will walk through as we consider the ideal trophy include:

  • The event’s atmosphere. Trophies from formal events will differ from those of casual occasions. That is why the event’s atmosphere will be essential to consider.
  • The intended feeling. Another critical factor is the feeling you want to convey. This is the intended purpose of the trophy. Do you want to show appreciation, recognition, or encouragement?
  • The occasion. The occasion of the award event matters. Trophies presented at sporting will be different from those shown at corporate events. For example, cups, bowls, or marble trophies may be used for sporting events. On the other hand, a plaque, a cyclic glass, or a sculpture may be used for cooperate events.
  • Your budget. The materials that make awards range from affordable to expensive. For example, crystals tend to be more costly than glass. Therefore, it is paramount to select a material that works within your budget.


It would be best never to let any special event pass by without a celebration. The smile and happiness from these special moments will keep you going and encouraged through rough times. Also, awarding your students and employees acts as a catalyst for increased performance and better results. So what unique way to ensure the memories are with us throughout than special awards?

We have years of experience customizing trophies for our clients and ensuring perfect results. Our wide selection of customizations ensures your award is personalized uniquely. Our team will work with you at every stage to ensure all your desires are met. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for inquiries about our services or visit us and see.

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